Online and blended course development

Our new team-based approach offers instructors an opportunity to collaborate with and access support from instructional designers, educational developers, technical, multimedia and IT specialists throughout the online (OL) and blended (B) course development process.   

Support is available in the following areas:

Course Design

  • Creating/reviewing learning outcomes
  • Redesigning assessments
  • Designing instructional strategies aligned with outcomes and assessments, etc.

Canvas Development

  • Determining module sequencing
  • Building Canvas components (quizzes, discussion groups, gradebook)
  • Canvas templates and custom page design, etc.

EdMedia Development

  • Developing instructional media (video and audio)
  • Increasing interaction using H5P
  • Integration of existing technology-enabled applications/software
  • Creation of headers, icons, charts, animation, etc.

Choose either of the following options:

Full Course Design and Development
(Full Build)

Best suited for instructors who would like:

  • Full support for online or blended course development (including Canvas navigation and custom page design, graphics, multi-media and instructional design)
  • Access to educational training and support resources to enhance preparation for subsequent course offerings
  • Tips and training to help plan for and avert technical issues during the course delivery phase

Successful applicants must be able to commit to working as part of a team with regular meetings and a schedule for the provision of course content. 

Support is available as capacity permits. Requests will be reviewed as part of an intake consultation.

Upcoming Intakes

Term-specific intake deadlines are specified below:

  • Jan 31, 2024 for Fall 2024
  • Apr 30, 2024 for Spring 2025
  • Sep 30, 2024 for Summer 2025

Complex builds may require additional lead time.

Partial Course Design/Special Projects
(Partial Build)

Best suited for instructors who:

  • Are redeveloping components of an existing online or blended course or require only limited development support
  • Need support developing graphics or multimedia or incorporating specific educational tech tools/apps
  • Require support in advance of the course launch
  • Are relatively tech savvy and generally comfortable working on their own

Partial course design and development support is available throughout the year as capacity permits (no specific submission deadlines).

Please note - all work must be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the launch term/date.

Required Lead Time

  • Submissions should be made at least three months in advance of your anticipated course launch term/project deadline
  • More complex projects/course components (video, H5P, animations, etc.) may require a longer lead time.

Not Sure?

Request a one-on-one consultation to discuss which option will best meet your needs. You can reach us at

Unsure how online learning differs from blended? Visit our Online and Blended Learning resource section for details. Need assistance creating graphics or multi media for a face-to-face course? Our Technology and Multimedia Design resource section provides details on the supports and services available.

Note: for help cloning an existing online or blended course, please submit a Canvas Import (Clone) request. Clone requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the intended course launch term.

Why Work With Us?

In addition to guiding you through the process, our collaborative course development models make it easier for you to realize your vision for your course. We can help you:

  • Integrate the latest blended and online teaching strategies and learning tools
  • Enhance student engagement within your online or blended course
  • Create a streamlined and easily accessible navigational structure
  • Find simple ways to increase your online presence
  • Create a vibrant and interactive learning experience for students
  • And more!

Upcoming Workshops and Programs

View the list of upcoming online and blended workshops here.

On-Demand Resources

CEE has a wide range of resources available on-demand to support instructors. For some of the wide range of tip sheets, videos, and other self-serve resources, please see below.

Course Development Resources

Online Learning Activities & Assessment Strategies Tip Sheets

Flexible Education Definitions and Approaches