TA Development: Supporting EAL Writers in Writing Intensive Courses


Come with questions and concerns about multilingual student writers, and leave with practical methods and strategies to support them as emerging academic writers.


TAs, are you looking for ways to support multilingual writers in your writing intensive course? In this workshop, you will learn about contexts of multilingual writing, share some of the most common concerns from instructor perspectives, and add practical strategies to your teaching and marking toolkit. We’ll share resources and ideas for ongoing ways to support your multilingual students’ development as emerging, confident academic and disciplinary writers.

What to Expect

This workshop will orient you to the many ways that TAs can support English as an Additional Language and Multilingual writers in their courses through practical strategies and feedback. You'll come away with tips to apply immediately in your tutorial, and have an opportunity to ask questions about your specific context.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • Situate multilingual writers in the context of global Englishes
  • Identify strategies to address common TA concerns for multilingual students in writing intensive courses
  • Select practical and incremental strategies to support multilingual students with disciplinary writing competency
  • Conceptualize a plan to offer ongoing support for multilingual writers across the term

Facilitated by Eilidh Singh


Teaching assistants, international teaching assistants, and graduate students

Date and Time

Typically one hour in length.

Typically offered in December.


Some sessions held in-person, some held online

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