Voice and Presentation Skills


Do you want to enhance your lecture and presentation skills? With these workshops offered by Sanders Whiting, CEE’s voice coach and teaching enhancement specialist, learn skills to connect with your audience, cope with nervousness, and increase vocal stamina—whether you are presenting in-person or online.


These two-hour workshops start with a short information session on the theory and skills which will be practiced, followed by active engagement of the practices, including opportunities to receive feedback and guidance. Workshops will include voice, speech and movement activities to increase confidence and competence in presentation and teaching environment.

What to Expect

You will actively engage in speech-science and theater-training informed practices that will enhance voice production as well as your speech, language, and physical expression.

Typically offered monthly.

You may also be interested in

  • Presentation Basics: Breath, Power, Posture and Pauses
  • Private Voice and Presentation Skills Consultations - (See Upcoming Sessions list on the right margin)

Past Sessions

  • Online Voice Conditioning Warmup for Faculty
  • Presentation Foundations: Breath, Gesture, Posture and Pauses
  • Effective Lecturing and Presentations: Breath, Gesture, Posture and Pauses
  • Expressive Speech: Your Vocal Dynamism Matters


Sanders Whiting, CEE


Faculty, instructors and teaching assistants who would like to enhance their lecturing and presentation skills.

Date and Time

Typically four workshops per semester.


In-person at Burnaby Campus

Upcoming Sessions

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