Multilingual TA Workshop Series


Interactive sessions designed to provide international graduate students with practical tips and strategies for their teaching roles, as well as useful language for facilitation in classes and labs. 


The focus of the workshops varies to meet the changing needs of International TAs. Topics include Language for Facilitating Tutorials, Marking and Feedback, and Language for Facilitating Tricky Situations, among others.

What to expect 

You will experience interactive sessions in which you will participate in activities (e.g. role-play, think-pair-share, reflection, discussion) that model effective teaching and facilitation strategies.

Past Sessions

  • Canadian Academic Culture and Facilitation Strategies: In-person Workshop, September 2022
  • Language for Facilitation: Online Workshop, October 2022
  • Marking and Feedback: Online Workshop, November 2022

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International graduate students who speak English as an additional language and/or are new to a North American university setting and are looking to become, or have current positions as, teaching assistants.

Date and Time

75-90 minute sessions


Virtual and/or in person

Upcoming Sessions

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