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Episode 1

The Multilingual University with Dr. Saskia Stille

In the first episode of Language U, we ask Dr.Saskia Stille what exactly the "multilingual university" is, and listen to an excerpt of a talk she gave about multilingualism and English learning in CELLTR earlier this year.

Episode 2

Academic Writing in Canada with Dr. Anthony Paré

We talk to Dr. Anthony Paré about how academic writing is taught at universities in Canada, how that differs from the way it is done in the United States, and why the belief that the writing centre is a place to “send the broken students” persists.

Episode 3

Academic Editing with Roma Ilnyckyj

Language U talks to Roma Ilnyckyj, an editor at the science communications company Talk Science to Me, about her work as an editor of scientific and other academic language, the ethics of editing student work and the complicated relationship between editing and writing, especially with work by multilingual writers.

Episode 4

Conceding Composition with Ryan Skinnell

Language U talks to Ryan Skinnell, professor at San Jose State University and author of Conceding Composition: A Crooked History of Composition’s Institutional Fortunes. We learn about his research on the history of a composition program at Arizona State University and how this perennial first-year writing course functions within higher education institutions.

Episode 5

Creativity and Academic Writing with Erika Thorkelson

Language U talks to Erika Thorkleson, a freelance writer and writing tutor and instructor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, about the connections between creative and academic writing and her work teaching writing at a uniquely art-focused university.

Episode 6

Credit ESL with Julia Williams

Language U talks to Julia Williams, Director of English Language Studies and Coordinator of Applied Language Studies at the University of Waterloo, about the nuts and bolts of creating for-credit English-language courses and programs at the university level, and the reasons more universities are choosing to do so.