We would like to share teaching materials with SFU faculty members. Below is a list of books that Faculty members can borrow from us.

Integrating Multilingual Students into College Classrooms: Practical Advice for Faculty


Written for faculty in classrooms incorporating multilingual students, this book addresses the context of a multilingual student body before exploring understanding and addressing language skills. Part one is divided into two chapters and examines demographics, similarities and differences between multilinguals and native speakers, cultures, learning styles, and myths. Chapter two focuses on the fundamentals of L2 acquisition with a focus on academic language. The much longer second part of the book examines types of knowledge required for academic success, speaking, listening, reading, writing, and workingin groups. The final chapter answers a list of frequently asked questions. References, a glossary, and an appendix of rubrics and evaluation tools are included. (© Book News, Inc., Portland, OR) Learn more →

Standards of English in higher education: issues, challenges and strategies


"The student demographic of universities today has changed quite dramatically from even a decade ago. As universities seek to internationalise, widen participation and derive attendant reputational and financial benefits, along with greater opportunities for research collaborations and industry links, they also face a growing challenge associated with what Neil Murray terms 'the English language question'. In particular, as the proportion of students of non-English speaking backgrounds entering universities increases, there is growing concern over levels of language proficiency and what this can mean for educational standards, the student experience and, ultimately, institutional standing. Standards of English in Higher Education unpacks a number of key and interrelated issues - for example, the assessment of proficiency and the structure and nature of provision - that bear on the question of English language standards and in doing so offers a frank critical appraisal of English language in higher education today"  Learn more →

English Language Standards in Higher Education


The monumental impact of globalization on the higher education sector has placed the English language skills of tertiary students firmly under the spotlight. This book addresses the inherent issues faced by: a growing band of transnational students, lecturers across all disciplines who are charged with delivering the courses, and universities in both English-speaking nations and those where English is the primary medium of instruction. The underpinning tenets of this pivotal book are that English language acquisition is central to academic success, and that this requires continuous and systematic development throughout the course of study. Steeped in empirical research, yet conveyed in a concise, highly accessible form, the book acknowledges that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Instead, it proposes a variety of constructive approaches to developing English language proficiency at the face-to-face lecturing level, as well as frameworks for pedagogical planning at an institutional level. English Language Standards in Higher Education is the quintessential resource for academics, language policymakers, researchers, and senior administrators to ensure the English language proficiency of students is not only present at the time of entry, but upheld and enhanced throughout their tertiary studies, in preparation for life beyond. (Descriptive content provided by Syndetics™, a Bowker service.) Learn more →