How do I sign up for the program?

Registration is accessed back at the home page of the Tandem website. There you will find a "REGISTER" button and will be prompted to fill the online registration form. Please note registration is open certain times throughout the year, usually open the first two weeks of each semester.

What is the time commitment?

Meeting with your partner for an 80 minute session weekly.

How many sessions are there per semester?

8 session equaling 8 weeks.

What do I talk to my partner about?

At each session your facilitators will have a topic on the board to refer to with guided questions. You can also talk about current events, school or everyday life.

How does the pairing system work?

We match you up with a person that can teach the language you want to learn and wants to learn the language you are able to teach.

Where do the sessions take place?

CELLTR: West Mall Centre 1390

More questions?

Contact: celltr_tandem@sfu.ca