Hello, my name is Michelle and I'm a third year Communication student. I can speak both Mandarin and English fluently, and a little bit of Japanese as well. I think the Tandem program at SFU is a really great way not only to learn languages in a relaxed and comfortable environment, but also to meet with many different types of people who share the same love of languages. I think being multi-lingual is one of the coolest skills to have, and I'm excited to be part of a program that encourages that! In my spare time I love to draw, read, write, and look at pictures of cats online.

Michelle Chiang
Current Coordinator

I am a third year Sociology student who has been facilitating since Fall 2016. I speak English fluently and would like to touch up on my Fiji-Hindi. I really enjoy tandem language learning because of the relaxed environment it brings, as well as the platform for students to reach their own learning outcomes! My favourite part about being a facilitator is seeing the relationships participants have made from the beginning of the term to the end! I have a passion for tea, watching beach sunsets and seeing new places! I am very excited for the next term of SFU Tandem!

Tira Pati
Former Coordinator

Hi. I am Yuki. I am 4th year Linguistics major and Education minor student at SFU. I heard this several times: "You know Yuki, other universities have great programs exactly like what you want to do." Soon after, I received an email that seeks volunteers at the SFU Tandem pilot program. As a coordinator of this program, I want everyone at SFU to join, and I want students to feel comfortable learning and teaching languages in this program.

Former Coordinator

I’m an undergraduate student studying Communications and Publishing. I joined SFU Tandem as a facilitator in the fall 2016 and I speak English as well as Tagalog. I love SFU Tandem because I enjoy learning about new cultures and languages. In my spare time I read, sleep, wish I had a dog, and try to make art.

Celina Abad

Hello, I am Dohun Kim. I speak Korean as my first language and English as my second language. Becoming an international business person was my first motivation for learning English. Although I did not have any background of English, I was determined to learn it and now I have no difficulties of using it in daily life. I know, learning a new language is very difficult and demanding. However, it's worth it! Once you learn another language, a tool of communication is not the only thing you learn. You also learn the culture of people who use the language, the way people think and behave in the culture, and eventually, you would have a totally different perspective toward the world. It enriches your mental ability and makes your life more diverse.

I and SFU Tandem are willing to support and help you to experience something new in your life! We believe you can do it. Don’t hesitate anymore!

Dohun Kim

Hello, my name is Sharon and I’m majoring in linguistics. I speak English, Malay and some Mandarin. Currently, I’m also learning French and Italian and would also like to learn German someday. A few of my favourite things to do are reading, learning new languages, travelling/sightseeing etc. SFU Tandem is a great language learning program because not only you’ll get a chance to pick up another language but also you’ll get an insight into the culture and meet interesting people along the way!


I'm a graduate student pursuing a master of Education focusing on Teaching English as an Additional Language. I have been teaching English since 2011 and I'm fluent in both Persian and English. I'm also able to communicate in German and I'm currently learning Italian.

I have been working with SFU Tandem since fall 2016 and I believe tandem language learning is a unique opportunity for all of us to broaden our perspective towards life. Along with teaching English, I also work as a self-employed musician and enjoy landscape photography and horseback riding.

Mohammad Bagheri

Hi! My name is Rachel. I am a second year student studying Psychology and Linguistics. English is my first language, though I speak Mandarin at home. Given the opportunity, I would like to improve my French and learn some Korean. I love to read, laugh, buy new plants, travel, and spend time with friends/family. SFU Tandem is great in that it helps people learn languages through real conversations outside of a classroom. You make friends, eat snacks, and talk!

Rachel W.

My name is Jacqueline, I major in Psychology and minor in Counseling.  I speak Cantonese, English and some Mandarin, and I am planning to learn French in the future.  Language is not just a form of communication but also is an expression of cultures.  My biggest passion for this program is to help our participants to learn a language successfully and become confident in their speaking of the language they are learning.  I think it is wonderful to see our participants to learn and teach different languages as this is one of the best ways to learn and spread a culture.  

Jacqueline Yip

Hi, my name is Lynn, my Vietnamese name is Khanh Linh – meaning “sacred bell”.

I’m a first year international student, majoring in Linguistics. I am fluent in Vietnamese and English and learning Mandarin. If I have enough storage in my brain, I would love to know as many languages as possible but hahaha, I guess that’s not happening with this brain of mine. I love singing, reading, rollerblading, daydreaming and travelling. I believe that learning a new language means acquiring knowledge of a new culture, broadening one’s world view. Therefore I believe that programs like SFU Tandem are the best starting point for everyone.

Lynn Nguyen

I am an undergraduate student studying Business and Communication. I remember first coming to Canada as a young 8 year old girl and thinking it was all a dream. My love for language learning was fostered in my early years of childhood through reading and writing and grew even more in grade 11 when I met the most inspirational French teacher, who taught me that to learn a language is to learn its culture. Some of my favourite things are playing volleyball, summer, green tea, sushi, and exploring new food/dessert places in downtown Vancouver. I have two cats and two kittens and my dream job would be to spend my entire life travelling.

Judy Kim

Hi everyone! I’m Mana, a third year linguistics student. I speak Japanese and English, and am trying to learn Mandarin now. It is amazing to be interested in learning a new language because not only will we be able to speak that language, but we will also be able to learn their culture and it will broaden our perspectives. SFU Tandem is a great program which helps manage to do that. You will have a partner who wants to achieve the same goal, to learn a new language, and to expand their knowledge.  This unique program will be able to motivate your drive to learn the new language even more!

Mana Watanabe

Hello, my name is Eri, and I am facilitating pairs who meet outside of the scheduled sessions.

I am currently studying toward a Master's Degree at SFU. I speak both Japanese and English, and have lived in both Japan and Canada for long periods of time. I also taught myself Spanish in the past.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and learning other cultures in SFU's multilingual and multicultural environment. Also, I am interested in cross-cultural communication, protecting the diversity of nature, and hiking in the mountains.

Eri Hato

Hello! My name is Erin.

I am a fourth year undergraduate student and my major is linguistics. I am passionate for anything related to linguistics, languages and traveling. I speak English, Korean, and Japanese, and I am currently learning French and Mandarin! Currently, I am working as an academy teacher and tutor for math and English to elementary to high school students. The reason why I love tandem language learning is that although it is cost-free, you can get so many things: a friend, the culture of the language, and language itself of course! The atmosphere is very motivating here, for everyone is thrilled and excited to meet the new language each week.

I am very grateful to be a tandem facilitator, and I look forward to meet you guys soon!

Yee Eun Jang