Accessing Form Submissions with FormView

The instructions below are specific to the Store and Mail Content option. This is the Form Container component's default Action Type.

Important note: Forms created after July 2016 will use the FormView application to manage and store form submissions. Forms created prior to July 2016 can be converted to use FormView, by request. Please contact the CMS Help team via your site admin.

About FormView

FormView is an application external to AEM which stores the form data that is submitted to forms created in AEM using the Store and Mail Content option. When a form is created in AEM, it will be listed in FormView automatically and all submitted form data will be stored here. With FormView you can quickly check and track form submissions and easily manage large amounts of data.

Key features of FormView

  • All form submissions can be accessed in FormView either by clicking on the "View Sumbissions" link in AEM or by visiting
  • Submissions can be viewed individually, selected for export, and manually archived.
  • When a form is deleted in AEM, its submissions are preserved in FormView as an archive.

Viewing Form Submissions

There are two ways to access the FormView application. Follow the steps below to access FormView from AEM, or visit to open FormView directly. 

Access FormView from AEM:

  1. Find the desired form in AEM, click on the Edit button on the Start of Form bar.
  2. Click on the View Submissions button and you will be directed to your form submissions in FormView.

Exporting Form Submissions

FormView allows you to export submitted form data to a .CSV file. You can export all submission data or pick specific submissions to export.

To export all submissions to a .CSV file:

  1. Go to the Active Forms page in FormView where the forms are listed.
  2. Click on the export icon  to the left of the form and the spreadsheet containing all submissions to the form will be downloaded.

Note: Archived submissions won’t be exported.

To export specific submissions:

  1. Go to the list of the submissions and check all desired submissions to export.
  2. And click on the export icon  to export the checked submissions to spreadsheet.

FormView Features

Active Forms

By default, this view displays all active forms in AEM. 

Filtering forms

Filter options:

  • All forms - Shows all unarchived forms.
  • Forms with submissions
  • Only forms with new submissions
  • Forms with no submissions
To use the filters:
  1. Select a filter option from the filter dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the Filter button to display the related forms.

Archiving forms

Please note that you cannot archive forms in FormView. However, when a form is deleted in AEM, the form and its submissions will be archived in FormView. This is to protect you from losing submission data when forms are deleted in AEM.  

Submitted Form Data

By default, this view displays all unarchived submissions.

Filtering submissions

Filter options:

  • Date of submission
  • Status
  • Include archived

Managing submissions

Action options:

  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Export
  • Mark as read
  • Mark as unexported
  • Mark as new
  • Unarchive

To manage submissions:

  1. Check all desired submissions to manage.
  2. And click on one of the action icons on the right.

Unarchiving a submission

To unarchive a submission:

  1. Click on the "Filter" button to bring up filter options.
  2. Filter out the archived submissions by checking the filter of "Include archvied".
  3. Check the desired archived submissions.
  4. Click on the  icon and choose "Unarchive" from the dropdown menu.

Form Configuration

This section displays the form’s owner and access control lists. Here you can specify the export order or delete a form and its submissions permanently. Form Configuration can be accessed by clicking on the  next to the forms.

Deleting a form and its submissions

To delete a form and its submissions permanently from FormView:

  1. Click on the desired submission in Form Configuration.
  2. Click on the Delete Form button at the bottom of the form profile.

Warning: Once a form is deleted permanently in FormView, new submissions to the form cannot be stored and viewed in FormView again.

Specify the export order

This feature allows you to change the order of fields within the exported CSV file. To specify the export order:

  1. Enter the field names in the desired order, separated by a comma. 

Archived Forms

All forms deleted in AEM are stored here to protect you from losing submission data. You can view and manage the deleted forms and their submissions here.


Forms Created before July 2016

For older forms created before July 2016, you can export form submissions to a .CSV file in AEM.

Export Form Data

To export your data to a spreadsheet:

  1. Click the Edit button located at the top of the Form Container component next to the Start of the Form marker.
  2. In the Store Content section, click the Export to CSV button.
  3. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to open or save the file. Select the Open with option and choose a program that can open csv files, such as Excel.
  4. Click OK.

The form data will be exported to a spreadsheet, which will include a column with submission dates.

Note: The "View Data" button below the "Export to CSV" button will allow you to see the submissions from within AEM. This method is very slow and not recommended. Please use the "Export to CSV" option.

Other AEM Form Features

Record Submitter

"Record submitter” option captures the SFU ID of the user completing the form. This data is only captured when the form is placed on a page with restricted access.

The “Submitter” value will be shown in all submission entries stored in FormView. 

Send Confirmation and Notification

To send a confirmation to the submitter and a notification to the form owner, go to Send Confirmation and Notification.

Warning: Deleting the Form Container component will cause you to lose all the submission data. For this reason we recommend exporting the form data on a regular basis.

If the page containing the form is deactivated, the submission data will not be deleted.