Current Faculty and Instructors


John Alderete (Linguistics)
Professor and Director, Cognitive Science Program
Research interests: Psycholinguistics, language production, linguistic documentation, phonology
Burnaby Campus: RCB 8117

Mark Blair (Cognitive Science and Psychology)
Associate Professor
Research interests: The interactions between attention and learning in a variety of contexts, including: category learning,  visual cognition, video game expertise, and recently, human computer interaction and virtual reality.

Nancy Hedberg (Cognitive Science and Linguistics)
Research interests: Computational linguistics and cognitive science; syntax and semantics.

Lecturers and Sessional Instructors

Jeremy Turner (Cognitive Science)
Sessional Instructor 
Research interests: Artificial psychology, artificial general intelligence, artificial creativity, artificial meta-creation, quantum computing, and virtual reality

Margaret Grant (Cognitive Science and Linguistics)
Lecturer and Undergraduate Curriculum Chair, Cognitive Science program
Research interests: Psycholinguistics, especially the experimental study of sentence comprehension. Experimental syntax and semantics.

Shawn Tan (Cognitive Science)
Sessional Instructor - COGS 110 section D100 SUMMER 2022

Cognitive Science Associate Member Faculty

Ryan Fitzgerald (Psychology) 
Research interests: Psychology and Law; Eyewitness Identification; Face Recognition; Memory; Meta-Analysis
Burnaby Campus: RCB 8309
Phone:  778-782-7108

Kathleen Akins (Philosophy) 
Research interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, philosophy of the cognitive sciences, self-described as "Theoretical Neuroscience"; present work on colour synaesthesia.
Burnaby Campus: WMX 4614
Phone:  (778)782-3328

Paul Tupper (Mathematics)
Research interests: Mathemetical modelling in linguistics and psychology. Phonetics and phonology. Metric spaces and their generalizations.

Özge Nilay Yalçın (Interactive Arts and Technology)
Research interests: Affective Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Intelligent Virtual Agents, AI Ethics, Open Science
Surrey Campus: Podium 2, Room #2822

Holly Andersen (Philosophy)
Research interests: Causal explanation; awareness and agency; neural mechanisms of temporal representation.
Burnaby Campus: WMX 4610
Phone:  (778)782-4851

Endre Begby (Philosophy)
Research interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, political philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology, history of philosophy.
Burnaby Campus

Elina Birmingham (Education)
Research interests: Social attention, eye tracking, scene viewing, face perception, autism spectrum disorders.
Burnaby Campus: DAC 007

Jim P. Delgrande (Computing Science)
Research interests: Formal aspects of knowledge representation.
Burnaby Campus: TASC 9015
Phone:  (778)782-4335

Steve DiPaola (Interactive Arts and Technology)
Research interests: Computer graphics and simulation; artificial intelligence; modeling, facial, character, expression, emotion and creativity systems

Ashley Farris-Trimble (Linguistics)
Research interests: Laboratory phonology; theoretical phonology; first language acquisition; disordered phonology; psycholinguistics
Burnaby Campus: RCB 9224

Nicolas Fillion (Philosophy)
Research interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Logic, Scientific Computation, History of Mathematics
Burnaby Campus: WMC 4614

Brian Fisher (Interactive Arts and Technology)
Research interests: Studies of individual differences (e.g. expertise) of perceptual and higher-order cognition in technology-rich environments. Cognitive engineering of interactive visualization software systems based on those studies. Joint activity theory analysis of collaborative analytics using those systems in real-world situations.
Surrey Campus: Podium 2, Room 2790
Phone:  (778)782-7554

Tracey Leacock (Faculty of Education)
Research interests: Cognition, collaboration and pedagogy in the eLearning environment, faculty development and workflow in eLearning organizations.
Burnaby Campus: EDB 8675.1
Phone:  (778)782-3483

Angelica Lim (Computing Science)
Research interests: Human robot interaction, affective computing, multimodal perception and learning, developmental robotics
Burnaby Campus: TASC 1 9025
Phone:  (778)782-7196

John Nesbit (Faculty of Education)
Research interests: Learning through multimedia and cognitive tools and argumentation, from concept maps and argument maps, and analysis of activity logs and eye-movements.
Burnaby Campus: EDB 8560.4
Phone:  (778)782-7123

Phillipe Pasquier (School of Interactive Arts and Technology)
Research interests: Creative artificial intelligence, computational creativity, affective computing, music perception and cognition, cognitive modeling, embodied cognition.

Fred Popowich (Computing Science)
Research interests: Computational linguistics and intelligent systems.
Burnaby Campus: TASC 9423
Phone:  (778)782-4193

Bernhard Riecke (School of Interactive Arts and Technology)
Research interests: Uses immersive virtual environments to study human embodied spatial perception, cognition, and behaviour.

Kate Slaney (Psychology)
Studies in Methodology and Philosophy of Psychological Science Lab
Research interests: Examination of psychological research practices; history and philosophy of psychological science; psychological concepts
Burnaby Campus: RCB 6239

Maite Taboada (Linguistics)
Research interests: Discourse analysis; computational linguistics.
Burnaby Campus: RCB 8206
Phone:  (778)782-5585

Yue Wang (Linguistics)
Research interests: Experimental phonetics, neurolinguisitcs, psycholinguistics, and second language acquisition. She directs the Language and Brain Lab.
Burnaby Campus: RCB 9213
Phones:  (778)782-6924, (778)782-6957 (Lab)

Phil Winne (Education)
Research interests: Educational psychology; metacognition and self-regulated learning; software tools that promote learning.
Burnaby Campus: EDB 8679
Phone:  (778)239-8781

Henny Yeung (Linguistics)
Research interests: First and second language acquisition; psycholinguistics; phonetics/phonology
Burnaby Campus:  RCB 8121

Parmit Chilana (Computing Science)
Research interests: Human-computer interaction, software learnability, design of interactive systems
Burnaby Campus: TASC 1 9415
Phone:  778-782-3372