Mission Statement

The School of Computing Science seeks to serve citizens of the provincial, national, and international communities through excellence in Computing Science research and education. Within this framework, the School affirms its commitment to the following principles:

  • To advance the state of the art in both theoretical and applied Computing Science through a strong research program of international standing.
  • To provide an outstanding and flexible program of undergraduate Computing Science education.
  • To provide an internationally respected program of graduate education in Computing Science.

To achieve these priorities, we undertake in particular the following:

  • Commitment to quality graduate and undergraduate education within a collegial academic community of faculty and students.
  • Recognition of the experimental and interdisciplinary nature of Computing Science by actively encouraging flexible innovative programs of scholarship and research.
  • Commitment to encourage and provide a hospitable environment for the underrepresented and for minorities.
  • Public service by the School to the larger community of British Columbia via excellence in cooperative education and industry collaboration.

School Constitution

Please click here to view the Constitution of the School