Research Partnerships

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Undertaking a joint research project with our faculty can help you address a specific application in your field and advance knowledge in computing science. Here are a few of our partnerships:

MDA Corporation

Researchers in the School of Computing Science, including Dr. Uwe Glaesser, partnered with MDA on research projects to develop advanced situation analysis decision support systems and novel video analysis techniques.


Dr. Robert Cameron, a professor in the School of Computing Science, has been awarded a Google Faculty Research Award. The award is in support of Dr. Cameron's Research Proposal entitled "Unicode Level 2 Support in Parabix Regular Expression Matching".  Read more >

School of Computing Science associate professor Dr. Alexandra Fedorova won a Google Research Award that enabled her to work with students to address the issues of power consumption and efficiency in data centres. Read more >

Associate professor Dr. Greg Mori and PhD student Weilong Yang won a Google Research Award to work with Google researchers to refine video searches. The award recognizes the growing need to retrieve and organize video information more effectively. Read more >

The Boeing Co.

Researchers from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia, including Dr. Fred Popowich and Dr. Anoop Sarkar collaborated with industry partners to launch the Vancouver Institute for Visual Analytics with a $1.25-million investment from the Boeing Co. The new institute will help Vancouver become a major centre for innovation in visual analytics. Read more >

Start-up Companies

The School of Computing Science collaborates with numerous small start-up companies to provide them with novel research that can provide a competitive advantage in their market.


A research partnership with SFU’s School of Computing Science can benefit your company in many ways. Find out more.

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