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Looking for a rewarding career? Problem solved

Do you want to be a problem solver in this digital age? Our computing science programs give you the knowledge and skills you need to take advantage of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic and most rewarding job markets there is.

Where can a degree in computing science take me?

Maybe you want to help find a cure for cancer by working in bioinformatics. Or write such beautifully clean code that software giants will be lining up to hire you. A degree in computing science lets you do that and everything in between.

Why study computing science at SFU?

Google, Hootsuite, Microsoft, Telus, Deloitte, Electronic Arts and others all regularly visit us for good reason. Our students have got what they’re looking for. That’s also just one reason why 92% of Faculty of Applied Science alumni would recommend SFU to others.

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Devin says his friends are more than a little envious of the work he does, and it’s no surprise.

He recently wrapped up three co-op work terms at Blackbird Interactive, a Vancouver-based game development company, where he worked on Homeworld: Shipbreakers. When this real-time strategy game is released, thousand of gamers worldwide will experience the features that Devin helped develop.

Since high school, Devin knew he wanted to turn gaming into more than a hobby. Like many burgeoning developers, he started off small, creating simple games like a tic-tac-toe clone. “I’ve always liked games and I’ve played since I was little,” he says. “When it comes to development, I learned by building and trying things out. I failed a lot of course, but that’s how you grow.”

To learn the ropes of the games industry, Devin wanted to find a placement within a smaller company, where he could try out various areas and discover his niche. When he saw a co-op board posting for Blackbird Interactive, he was quick on the trigger. It turned out to be a great fit for a keen gamer willing to get their feet wet.

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