Research Areas in Computing Science

Algorithms and Complexity Theory

The Algorithms and Complexity Group is interested in the theoretical aspects of computing science and in the application of this theory to modern industrial uses. Important subareas include computational geometry, parallel algorithms, distributed algorithms, operations research, and graph algorithms. We have a particular interest in the development of algorithms for optimization problems. Some of our current projects have application in the areas of biomedical image processing, geographical information systems, communication networks, scheduling, robot motion planning, pattern recognition, and VLSI layout. In addition to our own research, we consult for industry and advise other academic researchers.


Artificial Intelligence

The AI group at SFU works in several important subareas of the field, including natural language processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, constraint optimization, machine learning, and robotics.


Databases, Data Mining and Computational Biology

In many application domains, such as social networks, business, and molecular biology, increasingly large amounts of data are being collected requiring sophisticated computational tools to discover the hidden "golden nuggets."

Our researchers in databases, data mining and computational biology address the corresponding research challenges with a broad range of methods from data mining, machine learning and combinatorial algorithms. They are international leaders in topics such as the discovery of structural variation in genetic data, management and mining of uncertain data, privacy-preserving data publishing and recommendation in social networks.


Graphics, HCI, Multimedia, Vision and Medical Image Analysis

SFU has an interdisciplinary team of researchers developing novel methods for generating and analyzing data including images, sound, and video.  We work in computer graphics, HCI, visualization, computer vision, medical image analysis, multimedia, image processing, and computer music, using these methods in a variety of applications.  We have expertise in a diverse set of topics in these areas, including geometric modeling and processing, color and illumination, human activity recognition, computational acoustic modelling, data visualization, and medical image segmentation and shape analysis.


Networks and Systems

The group focuses on applied research in systems, networking and computer architecture. Primary subareas covered include network modelling, network security, operating systems, parallel and distributed computing, real-time systems, wireless, multimedia, and peer-to-peer communication.


Programming Languages and Software Engineering

Research in programming languages and software covers subareas such as Formal Verification, Static Program Analysis and Model Checking, Concurrent and Mobile Systems, Functional and Logic Programming.