About the Academic Enhancement Program

The Academic Enhancement Program (AEP) is a collaborative program between the School of Computing Science (CS) and the Student Learning Commons (SLC) at Simon Fraser University. The program co-developers and co-coordinators are Diana Cukierman, faculty member in the School of Computing Science, and Donna McGee Thompson, Head of the Student Learning Commons. The AEP program has  also been  expanded to the School of Engineering Science (ENSC) and we are working with other Faculties to incorporate this program .

The AEP aims to proactively help students succeed in their university studies. It incorporates learning activities within the course timetables of core first-year CS and ENSC courses and inform students about further resources. Several workshops have been developed for the program, to be  run specifically for the CS/ENSC courses, tailored to course topics and facilitated by at least one learning specialist and one discipline specialist. The AEP also provides the option of an "Assignment" component that encourages students to learn about a topic of their choice related to student success, wellness and connected to their discipline of study. The assignment directs students to write a self-reflective report, making use of already existing resources such as workshops, readings and videos at other departments, such as the SLC and world wide.

There is only one intervention per course, be it a course-associated workshop or the elective assignment. Students receive course marks for these activities, up to 3% of the course grade, in agreement with the course instructor. We also suggest optional related activities to do in class to reinforce concepts seen in the AEP activity.

To date, more than 5,000 students have been served, spanning more than 12 years, 3 semesters per year of offering this program. We collect data as we run the program, including anonymous surveys and data  which students consent to share for  our evaluations and educational research. The collection of data has been approved by the Office of Research Ethics at Simon Fraser University.

Besides the program coordinators, who usually co-facilitate the workshops, other people are and or have been actively involved in our program: Greg Baker, CS faculty member,  workshop co-facilitator, and CS coordinator during 2011, Cynthia Wright, Yosef Wosk Student Learning Commons Coordinator and co-facilitator of AEP workshops at the Surrey campus; Sheryl Gulloy, Psychology of Education Ph.D., research assistant; Farimah Salimi, Educational Technology and Learning Design Masters, research assistant; Piper Jackson, Computing Science Ph.D. research assistant and workshops co-facilitator; John Edgar, CS faculty member and workshops co-facilitator at the Surrey campus,  Rylan Egan, Psychology of Education Ph.D. , research assistant; Maggie Karpilovsky, Masters  in the Faculty of Education, workshop co-facilitator and research assistant; Jiang Ye, Masters in Computing Science and CS instructor, workshops co-facilitator , Alicja Pierzynska CS instructor,  workshop co-facilitator. Computing Science TAs and SLC graduate facilitators are also regularly actively invovled in the program.

The AEP program started in the Summer 2006 semester as a pilot. After some iterations and revisions the AEP program has become established and it is currently a requirement in select lower division CS  and ENSC courses. We are also working in a collaboration project with the Computing Science Institute and the Learning Unit at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Uruguay, where a program analogous to the AEP was developed, having already offered several  workshop sessions  since   the Fall 2011 and Summer 2012 semesters.  Currently the AEP is supported by the School of Computing Science and the Student Learning Commons. Research has been supported by The Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines, at Simon Fraser University and by a Teaching And Learning large grant. The  Faculty of Applied Sciences Dean's office and the School of Engineering Science are also providing support.

In 2014 the AEP was recognized as one of two “2014 SFU Champions for a Healthy Campus Community”. A documentary film appears in: http://www.sfu.ca/healthycampuscommunity/features.html

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