Computing Science Peer Tutoring


Peer Tutoring is Remote for Summer 2022



This term, we offer support for:

CMPT 120, CMPT 125, CMPT 225, and MACM 101







  • Where should I go to see a CS Peer Tutor? First, self-enroll into the course through a link you would receive through an email. You only have to do this once for the term. If you have not received the link yet, contact cs_peer_tutor_coordinator (at) sfu (dot) ca
  • Next, you would go to Canvas then to the course (Course Name TBA). Go to BB Collaborate Ultra on the left of the screen. A list of times and courses appear. Select the active session you wish to access. Please wait for the tutor for instructions. During some peak periods, sometimes there may be more students than the tutor could accommodate in the session. The volunteer Tutor has a right (necessity, even) to limit the number of students who can be accommodated. Thank you in advance for your respect and understanding of that. **The active session will be stated as such. You may not see this on the first page of BB Collaborate Ultra. Please press on the --> next arrow to scroll for that session. Check with the online schedule to confirm that session with the particular tutor is slotted at the time.
  • When can I see a CS Peer Tutor? See schedules below for individual tutors. Note, sessions start the week of May 29th.
  • When do sessions start? May 29th (3rd week of month)

Please note that there are no tutoring sessions on public and statutory holidays (Refer to SFU 2022 Summer Calendar). The last day of tutoring sessions will be the last day of classes, which is Aug. 8th, 2022.

Meet your Peer Tutors


Summer 2022 CS Peer Tutors

The Schedule:

Summer 2022 - Term 1224

Are You Interested in becoming a CS Peer Tutor?

Peer Tutors contribute their time and support to the university community and are an integral part in keeping community alive, both in person and now, in a remote environment. If you would like to be a Peer Tutor in an upcoming semester, please apply!

We are looking for volunteers for Summer 2022 to tutor:

  • MACM 101
  • CMPT 120, 125, 225

Submit your application by Friday, April 29th.

  • Note, you may need to clear your browser cache first to access this form.
  • Attach your transcript and a brief explanation about why you’d like to volunteer as a CS Peer Tutor

As a peer tutor, this volunteering opportunity is recognized by the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.