Computing Science PhD Student Named Borealis AI 2021 Fellow

July 23, 2021

Congratulations to SFU computing science PhD student Nelson Nauata, who was recently awarded a Borealis AI 2021 Fellowship. Borealis AI is a research centre created by the Royal Bank of Canada to “research and build AI that paves the way for a more innovative, equitable and synergistic society.” Only ten students from the top academic institutions in Canada received fellowships this year, all with the goal of contributing to the advancement of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Nauata’s research interest is in 3D computer vision where he develops machine learning algorithms for 2D/3D shape reconstruction and generation. His research topics include structured reasoning, structured generative models, geometry generation and geometry reconstruction.

Along with being a PhD student at SFU under the supervision of computing science professor Yasutaka Furukawa, Nauata is currently a research intern at Facebook Reality Labs. Previously, Nauata completed his MSc at SFU under the supervision of computing science professor Greg Mori.

“Winning a fellowship in a highly competitive field, which AI is today, is an enormous recognition of my research work,” says Nauata.

“This award motivates me to push forward with my research plans and will certainly open doors for contributing to cutting-edge research with the brightest minds in the field.”

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