SFU computing science professors Yağız Aksoy (pictured left) and Hang Ma (pictured right) have received a total of $300,000 from CFI's JELF Fund to support their research.

Computing science researchers receive $300,000 from CFI's JELF Fund

August 11, 2021

This year, SFU computing science researchers received a total of $300,000 for two research projects from the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s John R. Evans Leaders Fund (CFI’s JELF). This funding will allow researchers to perform leading-edge research by providing them with foundational research infrastructure to become leaders in their fields. This enables SFU to remain internationally competitive in areas of research and technology development that align with the university’s strategic priorities.

Recipients of the CFI's JELF Fund:

Yağız Aksoy, a professor in the School of Computing Science, leads the Computational Photography Lab at SFU. Funding of $200,000 from CFI’s JELF will be used to help build a computational photography studio that will support research in an active production environment while producing educational videos for the School of Computing Science. This research targets the application of modern computer vision and artificial intelligence methodologies to solve everyday problems in photography and post-production in film. The aim of this research is to support the movie industry and independent artists in BC through publicly available tools and datasets.

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Hang Ma, a professor in the School of Computing Science, leads the Autonomous Intelligence and Robotics Lab at SFU. Funding of $100,000 from CFI’s JELF will be used to establish a unified framework that combines artificial intelligence techniques with real-world, multi-robot systems. The funding will be used to support research to develop techniques to bring motion-coordination and human-robot interaction simulations to the real world. The goals of this research are to allow humans and robots to operate safely in a combination of physical and virtual environments, and to improve the quality of life for humans with the use of robots for labour-intensive or dangerous work.

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