April 26, 2023

On Monday, April 3, the School of Computing Science hosted the 2023 CS Undergraduate Research Symposium at the SFU Burnaby campus. The event included a poster session and invited guest lectures from SFU computing science professors Anders Miltner and Jason Peng.

Congratulations to all winners and participants. We are proud of the fantastic work our future computer scientists have accomplished and continue to work on in the computing science field.

  • Best Poster Award 

Team: Vera Yang, Archita Srivastava

In this project, students used techniques to predict human emotions depicted in images through facial expressions, body poses, and social interactions.

  • Honourable Mention Award - The Yell Decentralized Synchronization Network

Team: Micah Baker

Modern internet applications are often seen using a centralized server-client networking model. When internet applications are deployed globally, this centralized model becomes distributed over several services to increase the rapidity of data transfer for certain locations. However, it is seldom seen that an application is created where the users of the software control the network, rather, control over the network is in the hands of the distributers of the software. For example, to use Twitter, you might access a Twitter server that is located near your computer. But this server is under the control of Twitter, and you cannot deploy another instance yourself. Thus, this distributed network is still centralized in terms of power. The yell decentralized synchronization network is a project that aims to create a reliable and secure distributed network similar to the distributed networks of such services as previously mentioned. The primary difference of yell is that any user can deploy an instance in this distributed system, with no loss to the security of the entire network. Additionally, no single user has any more power over the network than any other user.

  • Honourable Mention Award - The Baytree Mentor Portal

Team: Monzer Mourad, Aditya Gupta. Arsh Singh, Katelyn Kim

The Baytree Mentor Portal supports the mentors working with the Baytree Centre in London. The Baytree centre provides support for women and girls through personal development activities, workshops, mentoring, coaching, and English classes for newly arrived migrants and refugees. Work started on the project in 2021 in the CMPT 373 Software Development Methods, and has continued under special project courses (CMPT 415/416) lead by professor Brian Fraser. The platform supports mentors by allowing them to track their mentoring sessions, complete monthly questionnaires, and access mentoring resources. This information can help The Baytree Centre track and manage mentoring relationships. The system has a backend (using Django, written in Python), and a web frontend (using React, written in Typescript).

  • People's Choice Award - The Hope Health Action Hospital

Team: Alec Wang, Peeyush Sharma, Josiah Wei Yi Lee, David Doan

"Accessing healthcare doesn't have to be difficult." The Hope Health Action (HHA) Hospital Reporting Platform provides HHA staff a web portal to digitize the data collection process at field hospitals in Haiti. Currently, monthly reports containing patient information are filled out on paper. This can be messy, error prone and requires physical storage. The HHA Hospital Reporting Platform will allow field hospitals to complete questionnaires digitally and have reliable summary information about patients in the application. The project was originally created by team Haumea for CMPT 373 in Fall 2021. It has since been further developed by teams of students each semester through a special project course, CMPT 415. The system has a backend (using Node.js and MongoDB), and a web frontend (using React, a frontend JavaScript library).