In Memory of Elma Krbavac

July 17, 2024

The School of Computing Science deeply mourns the loss of Elma Krbavac, who passed away on February 21, 2024. Elma was a pillar of our community, dedicating 27 years to enriching our undergraduate program and profoundly shaping the School's ethos.

Elma’s tenure at SFU was marked by her unwavering commitment to the welfare of students, faculty, and staff. Known as a steadfast advisor, Elma tailored her guidance to meet the unique needs of each student. As a leader, her thoughtful decisions significantly fostered the growth and success of the school. Her influence is deeply imprinted within the school’s culture, contributing to our early successes and the nurturing environment she championed.

In recognition of her lasting impact, the School has established a scholarship fund in her name, ensuring that her legacy continues to support future generations. Elma's dedication and leadership will forever be remembered, and her spirit will continue to inspire all those at the School of Computing Science.

We invite alumni and friends to share their memories and messages of condolence below, celebrating the profound influence Elma had on our community. 

Tribute Messages:

- "Elma was a dedicated champion of the computing science undergraduate programs. She was always there to support, guide, and nurture anyone in need. Her presence was comforting and her wisdom, invaluable. She will be fondly remembered by all" - Robert Cameron, Director, School of Computing Science.

-"Elma cared deeply about the school, students, faculty, and staff. She cared about students, would give advice and tailor it to the student's situation. She would do what it takes to support you if you do your part. She was a leader of the staff, a true force that shaped who we became as a school." - sumo Kindersley, Tech Support Development Manager, School of Computing Science.

- "Over the years, Elma made countless thousands of decisions that helped the School of Computing Science grow into what it is. We owe a lot of our early success to her leadership." - Greg Baker, Lecturer, School of Computing Science.

- "Elma’s dedication to Computing Science at SFU played such an important role in not only its growth but also its strength. She cared deeply about the students and their studies, ensuring that things were put in place to help them succeed.  She made sure that staff and faculty were also supported in their own jobs and career growth. Her door was always open to welcome members of the growing Computing Science family." - Fred Popwich, Professor, School of Computing Science