SFU hosts and SFU competes in ACM Regionals

November 09, 2005

Well, it's that time of year again and our ACM Teams are set and
ready to go.

On Saturday November 5, 2005, SFU will enter a varsity computer programming competition, held every year by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). This year, the contest is being held on home turf: in the MTF in Discovery Park.


Students compete in teams of 3. They are given ~9 programming problems to solve over the course of 5 hours. Points are awarded for programs that produce the correct output, but the judging is brutal: the slightest mistake in your output will earn you 0 points. The speed of the competitors is also a factor in the scoring, which leads itself to an intense competition environment.

SFU will be competing against teams from universities in British Columbia, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, N. California, N.W. Nevada and Hawaii. All undergraduate students, or graduate students in
their first two years of study are eligible to compete. The top
two teams will be eligible to compete in the World Finals in San Antonio, Texas.


This year we are sending three fine teams from SFU, named SFU Red, SFU Blue and SFU White.

Aaron Chan, 3rd year MACM, 2nd time competitor, former world finalist
Simon Lo, final year CMPT, 1st time competitor
Nhan Nguyen, 3rd year CMPT, 2nd time competitor, 2003 alternate

SFU Blue
Hang Chen, 3rd year CMPT, 1st time competitor
Adi Himawam, 2nd year CMPT, 1st time competitor
Behrooz Noorizadeh, 1st year MSc, 3rd time competitor

SFU White
Marcel Guzman, 2nd year CMPT, 1st time competitor
Daryl Van Humbeck, Tech One Program, 1st time competitor, 2004 alternate
Carrie Wong, 3rd year CMPT, 2nd time competitor

Team Alternates:
Matt Folz, 2nd year MATH, 1st time competitor
Mark Bayazit, 1st year CMPT, 1st time competitor


Sadly, cheerleaders are not allowed at the event, but that doesn't mean you can't do your part! If you know these individuals, or see them regularly in your classes, please give them your support for the big day!


Brad Bart.
Coach, ACM Programming Teams
School of Computing Science
Simon Fraser University