Joseph G. Peters

Professor, School of Computing Science


TASC 1 9009
Personal webpage:


Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada, 1984
M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada, 1976
B. Math., Computer Science, University of Waterloo, Canada, 1974

Research interests

  • Modelling and performance analysis of communication networks
  • Communication algorithms
  • Distributed computation
  • Multimedia networking

Teaching interests

  • Algorithms and Complexity Theory
  • Network Communication
  • Simulation and Modelling

Recently taught courses

  • CMPT 305 Computer Simulation and Modelling
  • CMPT 307 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CMPT 371 Data Communications and Networking
  • CMPT 705 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Selected recent publications

  • F. Cicalese, G. Cordasco, L. Gargano, M. Milanic, J. Peters, and U. Vaccaro. Spread of Influence in Weighted Networks under Time and Budget Constraints. Theoretical Computer Science, 586(2015), 40–58.
  • L. Gargano, P. Hell, J.G. Peters, U. Vaccaro. Influence Diffusion in Social Networks under Time Window Constraints. Theoretical Computer Science, 584(2015), 53–66.
  • E. Coulouma, E. Godard, and J. Peters. A Characterization of Time-Homogeneous Dynamic Networks where Consensus is Solvable. Theoretical Computer Science, 584(2015), 80–90.
  • P.J. Giabbanelli and J.G. Peters. An Algebraic Approach to Combining Classifiers. ICCS 2015. Elsevier Procedia Computer Science, 51(2015), 1545–1554.
  • A. Casteigts, R. Klasing, Y.M. Neggaz, J.G. Peters. Efficiently Testing T-Interval Connectivity in Dynamic Graphs. CIAC 2015, LNCS 9079, Springer-Verlag, 89–100.
  • H.A. Harutyunyan, A.L. Liestman, J.G. Peters, and D. Richards. Broadcasting and gossiping in communication networks. Handbook of Graph Theory, 2nd Ed., Chapter 12.2, CRC Press, 2013, 1477–1494.
  • J.-C. Bermond and J.G. Peters. Optimal Gathering in Radio Grids with Interference. Theoretical Computer Science, 457(2012), 10–26.
  • P.J. Giabbanelli and J.G. Peters. Reseaux complexes et epidemies. Technique et Science Informatiques, Numero special sur Graphes de Terrain, vol 30:2(2011), 181–212.
  • M. Jamali Langroodi, J. Peters, and S. Shirmohammadi. Decoder-Complexity-Aware Encoding of Motion Compensation for Multiple Heterogeneous Receivers. ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications, 11:2s(2015), 46:1–46:22.
  • M. Jamali Langroodi, J. Peters, and S. Shirmohammadi. Complexity Constrained Layering of Broadcast Video for Heterogeneous Mobile Receivers. ACM MoVid 2015, 1–6. M. Hosseini, J. Peters, and S. Shirmohammadi. Energy-Efficient 3D Texture Streaming for Mobile Games. ACM MoVid 2014, 5.1–5.6.
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  • M. Hosseini, J. Peters, and S. Shirmohammadi. Energy-Budget-Compliant Adaptative 3D Texture Streaming in Mobile Games. ACM Multimedia Systems (MMSys), 2013, 1–11.
  • M. Hosseini, A. Fedorova, J. Peters, and S. Shirmohammadi. Energy-Aware Adaptations in Mobile 3D Graphics. ACM Multimedia 2012, 1017–1020.

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