Dr. Ryan C.N. D'Arcy, Ph.D. Neuroscience

Representative Publications

Fickling, S.D., Smith, A.M., Pawlowski, G., Ghosh Hajra, S., Liu, C.C., Farrell, K., Jorgensen, J., Song, X., Stuart, M.J., D’Arcy, R.C.N. (2019). Brain vital signs detect concussion-related neurophysiological impairment in ice-hockeyBrain, 142(2), 255-262. Editor’s Choice.

Fleck-Prediger, C., Ghosh Hajra, S., Liu, C.C., Gray, S., Petley, L., Weaver, D.F.,Gopinath, S., Yee, E.,Dick, B.D., & D’Arcy, R.C.N. (2018). Point-of-care brain injury evaluation of conscious awareness: Wide scale deployment of portable HCS EEG evaluation. Neuroscience of Consciousness, 4(1), niy011.

Courtemanche, M.J., Sparrey, C., Song, X., MacKay, A., & D’Arcy, R.C.N. (2017). Confirmation of WM activity in fMRI using conventional GRE EPI sequences at 3T. NeuroImage169, 145-150.

Ghosh-Hajra, S., Liu, C., Song, X., Fickling, S., Pawlowski, G. Jorgensen, J.K., Smith, A.M., Schnaider-Beeri, M., Van Den Broek, R., Rizzotti, R., Fisher, K., & D’Arcy, R.C.N. (2016). Developing brain vital signs: Initial assessment of device and methods for monitoring brain function changes. Frontiers of Neuroscience, Brain Imaging Methods. 10:211.

D’Arcy, R.C.N., Lindsay, D.S., Song, X., Gawryluk, J.R., Greene, D., Mayo, C., Ghosh Hajra, S., Mandziuk, L., Mathieson, J., & Greene T. (2016). Functional recovery in severe traumatic brain injury beyond established limits. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 31(5), 50-58.

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