Associate Professor, School of Computing Science


  • PhD, Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign IL, USA, 2008
  • BSc, Computer Science, University of Tokyo, 2001

Research interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Photography

Teaching interests

  • Computer Vision
  • Computer Graphics


Email:  furukawa@sfu.ca
Tel:  778-782-4619
Fax: 778-782-3045
Office: SFU Burnaby, TASC 1  8023
Web:  www.cs.sfu.ca/~furukawa

Selected recent publications

  • Erik Wijmans, and Yasutaka Furukawa. "Exploiting 2D Floorplan for Building-scale Panorama RGBD Alignment." Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017 IEEE Conference on. IEEE, 2010.Exploiting 2D Floorplan for Building-scale Panorama RGBD Alignment
  • Satoshi Ikehata, Hang Yan, and Yasutaka Furukawa. "Structured indoor modeling." Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision. 2015.
  • Jianxiong Xiao, and Yasutaka Furukawa. "Reconstructing the world’s museums." International journal of computer vision 110.3 (2014): 243-258.
  • Sameer Agarwal, Yasutaka Furukawa, et al. "Building rome in a day." Communications of the ACM54(10), 105-112. 2011.
  • Yasutaka Furukawa, et al. "Towards internet-scale multi-view stereo." Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2010 IEEE Conference on. IEEE, 2010.
  • Yasutaka Furukawa, and Jean Ponce. "Accurate, dense, and robust multiview stereopsis." IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 32.8 (2010): 1362-1376.