Algorithms & Complexity Group

The Algorithms and Complexity Group is interested in the theoretical aspects of Computing Science and in the application of this theory to modern industrial uses. The group has broad interests including computational geometry, parallel algorithms, distributed algorithms, operations research, and graph algorithms. We have a particular interest in the development of algorithms for optimization problems. Some of our current projects have application in the areas of biomedical image processing, geographical information systems, communication networks, scheduling, robot motion planning, pattern recognition, and VLSI layout. In addition to our own research, we consult for industry and advise other academic researchers.

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Faculty: Binay K. Bhattacharya, Andrei Bulatov, Pavol Hell, Valentine Kabanets, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Thomas C. Shermer, Gabor Tardos.

Theory Seminar Series

Theory Seminar Series organized by The Theory Group in The School of Computing Science

For more information about the dates and times for the talks, please see Theory Seminars @ Computing Science, SFU.