Systems Networking and Architecture Research Lab


Our group focuses on applied research in systems, networking and computer architecture. We build real systems that solve real problems, such as design of an operating system for future many-core processors and implementation of cost-effective large-scale video broadcast over P2P networks. We begin with a solid theoretical base, and then implement and evaluate our solutions in real operating systems and real networks. Our philosophy is to create the synergy between systems and theory that would produce robust technology for the real world.

Our commitment to real technology is underscored by our industrial partnerships. Industrial leaders such as Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard support our research. In addition, our group holds thirteen grants from industry and the Canadian government and has published over 80 publications in top venues, including book chapters and ten patents.

Our lab is equipped with high-end multiprocessor systems from Sun, including its latest UltraSPARC® T1 server with multithreading on the chip, and the 32-CPU shared-memory multiprocessor E6500, a wireless sensor network testbed of 16 Mica2 motes, and a media streaming testbed of multiple servers and proxies, which is also connected to the global PlanetLab network.

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