Finding a Job

Before you apply for an international co-op job, make sure:

Three Ways to Look for International Co-op Jobs

There are three possible ways to find an International Co-op placement: myExperience, Student-Developed, or through established programs that offer international work terms.


myExperience is an online posting board for all co-op programs at SFU. Once in the co-op program you can apply to any of the jobs posted on myExperience, provided your skills and interests comply with the requirements of the job. myExperience accounts for on average 70% of work term placements each year.

Visit myExperience to find jobs around the world. 

Note: Jobs are only viewable to students who are in the co-op program and have indicated to their coordinator that they are interested in seeking a job for the upcoming semester.

Student-Developed Work Search

If you have a specific job or country in mind, then a student-developed work term is for you. To create a student-developed work term, go out and find your own employer and introduce SFU Co-op to them. If the company meets the necessary requirements, SFU International Co-op will help you turn the opportunity into a co-op position. On average, 30% of work term placements each year are student-developed.

Visit our Student-Developed Co-op page for more information.

Established Programs Offering International Work Terms

AIESEC: AIESEC is the world's largest student-run organization, helping young people explore and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC Canada provides students with global internships and leadership experiences. Their internship program has four streams: management, technical, development and educational, with internships lasting between 2 and 18 months. A sponsorship of $300 is available to students to help cover the cost of the AIESEC exchange fee.

Visit the AIESEC website for more information.

Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK): As of January 2022 the program has been suspended until further notice. TaLK is a government program that increases accessibility to quality English education in rural areas. As a TaLK scholar, you will lead after-school English classes at a public elementary school for 15 hours a week. You will get to create lesson plans, and will have time to engage in cultural activities sponsored by the provincial offices of education.

Visit our TaLK webpage for more information.

DAAD: The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. The 14 international offices provide information and financial support for international research and study to over 50,000 highly-qualified students and faculty per year.

Visit the DAAD website for more information.

SFU India Connect Entrepreneurship Co-op: The SFU India Connect Program offers internships and co-op job opportunities that help students develop entrepreneurship and innovation related skills. There are two streams students can choose to participate in: Zone Startups and Deshpande Foundation.

Visit our India Connect Program webpage for more information.

IAESTE: The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an independent, non-governmental program. IAESTE links students with paid practical experience in their field and supports students in obtaining work permits, visas, and accommodation. Positions are available in industry, research institutes and universities, consulting firms, labs, and more. Placements last 8 to 12 weeks during the summer, with longer terms available during the year.

Visit the IAESTE website for more information.

Students Without Borders:  Students Without Borders (SWB) offers internships in developing countries in a variety of fields. Placements are offered every semester and are updated regularly. Students taking part in a SWB international work term with a humanitarian organization are eligible for the C.A.R.E. SFU Global Travel Award.

Visit the Students Without Borders website for more information.

The Canada-Japan Co-op Program: The Canada-Japan Co-op Program is a Canadian university/college based international co-op program that links some of the best undergraduate engineering, science, business and arts students with highly committed Japanese businesses.

Visit the Co-op Japan website for more information.

QES Program: SFU's Scholars for a Sustainable World program will support capacity-building and knowledge-sharing to further the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in five countries: Bangladesh, Ecuador, Iran, Nepal, and South Africa.

Visit our QES Program webpage for more information.

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