Go Student-Developed

Create Your Own International Co-op Work Term

To create a student-developed work term, identify an employer that you would like to work for and develop your own co-op learning opportunity.  

Your student-developed work term must be approved by your Co-op Program Coordinator. If you have questions along the way, be sure to check with them or with the International Co-op Coordinator (icoop@sfu.ca).

Here are some international job, living, and travel websites to help you get started:

International Job Resources


Based on your job criteria, postings will be emailed to you!

Go Abroad

This website offers information about internships abroad.


This website is a great source for internships in Ireland.

Going Global

This website provides country-specific internship postings. Search away to find a position suited for you. 


Job Search site dedicated specificallly to international careers.

Intern Match

This website enables you to create a professional profile for employers and search for internships. 


This site has a great selection of internships in the United States.

Mitacs Globalink Research Award Open to all disciplines. The Mitacs Globalink Research Award supports Canadian-based research collaborations between Canada and select partner countries. Successful applicants receive $6000 to conduct 12-24-week research project.
Press Reader
An SFU Library Database offering links to various international news media. Career opportunities and country information can be found through a number of these media sources.                                     
Verge Magazine

Articles that help you find a job abroad and plan your time there.


MyWorldAbroad offers advice and commentary on going abroad, along with thousands of resources at your disposal. Get free access by registering for an account as an SFU student. 

Helpful Links:

Combine Your International Exchange and Your International Co-op

Did you know that you can combine an international exchange with an international work term? While you are abroad on exchange you can look for an internship for the following semester. You can then work with SFU Co-op to turn your internship into a student-developed placement.

TIP: Use your host institution’s career resources to find an internship.

For information on how to apply for an international exchange, visit SFU International.