1.  When should you apply to Co-op?

If you want to ensure that you have flexibility in how you plan out your work and study semesters, and the ability to leave room for any other opportunities you may wish to pursue such as field schools or otherwise, then you should apply to Co-op within your first year at SFU or, at a minimum, two semesters before an intended work semester. For undergraduates, 90 credit hours or later is often too late to apply to Co-op; be sure to consult with a Co-op Coordinator before applying if you are above 90.


2.  How can you find out more first?

You will have a more in-depth idea of what your Co-op experience will be like if you register for a Co-op Info Session. You will hear from both current co-op students and staff about the benefits of the program and you will learn tips for making the most of your co-op experience. NOTE: For undergraduates, by applying to Co-op, you are agreeing to complete a minimum of three work semesters.


3.  Review your program requirements

Prior to completing the online application form, please ensure you have reviewed the individual Co-op Program requirements for your area.

Engineering Science and Mechatronic Systems Engineering students are not required to complete the Co-operative Education Application Form because Co-op is mandatory. Please contact your Co-op Program directly at coop-eng@sfu.ca. 

Graduate students in Engineering Science and Mechatronic Systems Engineering please contact Afshan Basaria (FAS Grad Co-op Coordinator) for program specific requirements at 778-782-2041 or afshan_basaria@sfu.ca. 

Graduate students in Big Data are not required to complete the Co-operative Education Application Form, Please contact Paula Scott (Big Data Co-op Coordinator) at 778.782.7278 or paula_scott@sfu.ca.

4.  Application form and fees

Complete the Co-op Application Form Now

Co-op Application Fee and Practicum Tuition
As part of enrollment into the SFU Co-operative Education program, every student who applies must pay the Co-op application fee.

The Co-op application fee for:
• Domestic students is $135.
• International students is $359.
• Graduate Engineering and Graduate Mechatronic Systems Engineering students is $700.
• Graduate Computing Science and Graduate Big Data students is $700.

The application fee will be posted to your SFU Account upon processing of your Co-operative Education Application Form.

For all Co-op applications received as of May 1st, 2017, the co-op application fee will be posted in your SIS account and be due within 10 business days. Please check your SIS account to view when the fee is posted.

What do you get for your Co-op application fee and practicum tuition? Find out here.

5.  Wait for further assistance from a Co-op program advisor

Upon receiving your application form, a Co-op Program will contact you within 10 business days to advise you of your Conditional Approval to the Program. There will be Program specific steps that you will need to complete in order to be fully accepted into the Program. Note that all Programs require students to complete the Bridging Online I (BOL) course, unless otherwise specified.