Addressing racism is our collective responsibility.

SFU recognizes March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. As we work to eliminate racial discrimination on campus and in our communities, it's time to take action in support of equity-deserving groups including Indigenous, Black, Asian, Latinx, Arab and all who experience racialization (Racialized Groups, Canada at a Glance, 2022).

Create an environment where racism is not tolerated. Recognize racism and know what steps to take if you experience or witness it.  Identify racism when you see it, and show your support for those harmed.

Racist laws and practices are being abolished and new policies that are based on inclusivity, diversity, justice, and equity are being developed. Where do you stand? Learn more about how you can contribute to supporting equitable, inclusive policies.

Acquire the knowledge and insight necessary to contribute to an anti-racist, inclusive learning and working environment.

We can all play a part to eliminate the conditions that cause or perpetuate racial discrimination. Do you know where you stand and the actions you can take? Access resources.

Take a look around. Are all racial groups well represented in your work? Eradicate racial discrimination and stigma and reach out. Resources and learning supports are available here.

Our work in anti-racism is ongoing. This list of resources is not exhaustive.

Share how you demonstrate that racism has no place at SFU: 

EDI Actions & Committments at SFU

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Students, staff and faculty can access equity, diversity and inclusion supports.

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