Stand together against racism.

SFU recognizes the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21. Stand together to end racial discrimination on campus and in our communities. Let’s work collectively to create an equitable, diverse and inclusive space where all feel safe, welcome, accepted and valued. 

Get Support

If you have experienced racism, racial discrimination or difficulties related to your racial identity, help is available. View community supports and identity-based supports to find offices, resources and information assisting members of the university community in the case of incidents affecting their sense of personal safety and/or well-being. 

Guiding Anti-Racism at SFU

Learn about institutional strategies and values informing equity, diversity and inclusion work, including anti-racism, at the university.

A strategic framework outlining the focus for SFU’s institutional equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work.

SFU’s principles to align our work towards academic quality, diversity and inclusion and organizational excellence. 

Support Racialized Groups and Individuals

(Racialized groups - Canada at a Glance, 2022)

Build your understanding of racism and how to combat it. 

SFU has courses for people at various stages in their anti-racism journey, from foundational anti-racism concepts to personal growth.

Create an environment where racism is not tolerated. 

Identify racism when you see it and learn to intervene.

Know what steps to take if you experience or witness racism. 

Reflect and take a look around. 

Do racialized groups and individuals feel safe, welcome, accepted and valued… 

… in your office, campus or event spaces?

… by your words?

Lend support.

As SFU encourages its community to affirm compassion together, reach out and be a support system for those experiencing harm, helping them to get the resources they need.

SFU's work in anti-racism is ongoing. If you have a suggestion for the resources listed here, please submit them through the EDI Recommendations page. Thank you!

Need help?

Students, staff and faculty can access equity, diversity and inclusion supports.

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