Programs and Initiatives

The Equity Office is dedicated to promoting, leading, coordinating, and supporting efforts to transform the SFU experience through integrating progressive people practices that centre equity. Here are a few of our programs and initiatives currently underway at SFU. 

Community of Practice

The EDI Community of Practice (EDI-CoPr) brings equity practitioners across the university together in a supportive learning community to create equity-centered prototypes or solutions that can inform institutional EDI work.

Accessibility Committee

SFU’s Accessibility Committee aims to guide the university in meeting our obligations under the Accessible British Columbia Act to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility. 

Demographic & Diversity Data Survey

SFU is launching a demographics and diversity data collection survey in fall 2024. The data will help meet our regulatory requirements, provides information to support equitable and accountable decision-making and measures progress towards our institutional priorities.

Scarborough Charter

In November 2021, SFU signed onto the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education, demonstrating our commitment to redressing anti-Black racism and fostering Black inclusion in universities and colleges across Canada. 

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