Identity-based supports

Our individual and collective identit(ies) is/are deeply personal and is the result of a multiplicity of factors, including background, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity, disability, socio-economic status and more.

We also understand that individuals and groups with combinations of multiple identities face compounded potential for systemic disadvantage and discrimination. And we acknowledge that people with intersecting identities will likely identify with more than one of the services outlined below.

Our goal is to support the whole individual and would encourage you to access the supports in a way that feels appropriate to you. If you’re seeking support sensitive to and/or specializing in experiences related to your identity, please visit one, or more, of our identity-based supports below.

This is a living page, and should you have resources that align with the values of SFU’s Equity Compass, please email and we will consider adding them to this list.


Office of Aboriginal Peoples (OAP)
See a list of Aboriginal programs and services at SFU and get connected.

Indigenous Student Centre (ISC)
The ISC is a welcoming gathering space that provides holistic student support and services to Indigenous students.

First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Student Association (FMMIS)
The SFSS First Nations, Métis & Inuit Student Association, located within the Student Union Building, offers events, resources, support services and advocacy for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students at SFU.


Black & African Diaspora

Black Student Support – Health and Counselling
SFU Health and Counselling offers a number of supports for Black students including clinical counselling and support groups.

Black Student Support And Healing Space
The Black Student Support and Healing Space is a group for Black students to connect, chat, and share. Drop in when it works for you, and when you feel like chatting or listening to others.

Black Caucus
SFU’s Black Caucus aims to create space for the empowerment of SFU's Black faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members through action, education and capacity building. It lists mental health resources, affiliated groups and useful documents for the Black community.

Students Of Caribbean & African Ancestry (SOCA) Black Student Support Centre
The SOCA Black Student Support Centre offers events, resources, support services and advocacy for Black people and persons of African ancestry.



Out on Campus
Provides a nonjudgmental, trustworthy and confidential space to express sexual and gender identity freely, without fear of violence, exclusion and identity policing and local resources to support LGBTQ+ communities manage their physical, mental and sexual health.

International services for students

International Services for Students
Provides various resources and advising on topics like immigration, and support for new students settling into Canada.


Women’s Centre
The SFU Women’s Centre is a safe space for women and is home to resources for folks of all genders. The Centre is an anti-oppressive space for celebration and healing on campus.


Multifaith Centre
For many, religion forms a big part of a person’s identity. SFU's Multifaith Centre encourages people to express and practise their faith. It offers faith care and wellbeing support, including one-on-one support with a chaplain, weekly group meetings and space for students, staff and faculty of faith. 


Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL)
The Centre for Accessible Learning is available to students with a documented or suspected disability, along with anyone with questions about equal educational opportunities at SFU.

Health & Counselling Support
Offers various support options for disabled and neurodivergent students, including a list of FAQs

General support

Health and Counselling
SFU’s health and counselling team provides a range of identity-based supports for students. See the Identity & Community page for links to supports and resources related to race, gender, gender expression & sexual orientation, disability & neurodivergent, and religion / spirituality. This page also includes resources for international students.

My SSP (Student Support Program)
My SSP is available 24/7, via app or phone, to all SFU students (graduate, undergraduate and post-doc). Students can access immediate and ongoing, confidential mental health and well-being support. Available in multiple languages from North America or abroad.


Resources and calls to action against Islamophobia
Islamophobia is on the rise in Canada and around the world. Islamophobia is hate and is not acceptable at SFU. See resources for Muslim members of the SFU community experiencing islamophobia and actions that can be taken in support of Muslim communities in Canada.

Ismaili Centre
SFU partners with the Ismaili Centre. See here for more information on programs, events and services offered by the centre. 

National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM)
The NCCM is an independent, non-partisan, and not-for-profit human rights and anti-Islamophobia advocacy organization serving the Muslim community from coast-to-coast.

BC Islamophobia Legal Assistance Hotline (ILAH) | Tel: 604.343.3828
ILAH provides free legal advice and representation to support, educate and empower individuals in BC who experience Islamophobia                                              

BC Muslim Association
The BC Muslim Association is a not-for-profit religious organization that operates several mosques and Islamic centres across BC serving the spiritual needs of primarily the Sunni Muslim population.                                                 

Shia Muslim Community of British Columbia (Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre) 
The Shia Muslim Community of BC is a not-for-profit religious organization that operates the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre and Mosque serving the spiritual needs of primarily the Shia Muslim population.                                                                                    


Resources and supports for those experiencing antisemitism
Antisemitism is on the rise in Canada and around the world. Antisemitism is hate, and it is not acceptable at SFU. See resources for Jewish members of the SFU community who may be experiencing antisemitism or fear for their safety.

Factsheet – Antisemitism in Canada
A resource provided by the Government of Canada with general information regarding antisemitism in Canada. 

Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism
A tool to identify, confront and raise awareness about antisemitism as it manifests in countries around the world today.

Hillel BC
SFU partners with Hillel BC. See here for more information on programs, events and services offered to the Jewish community. 


Racism has no place at SFU
As we work to eliminate racial discrimination on campus and in our communities, it's time to take action in support of equity-deserving groups including Indigenous, Black, Asian, Latinx, Arab and all who experience racialization.

Student clubs and programs

SFSS Clubs Directory
There are a number of student clubs on campus that provide culturally appropriate identity-based suppports. See a list and connect with a student club here.


SFU Snap and Room Finder allow you to filter results to search specifically for accessible and inclusive washrooms. Learn more.

If you are looking to learn more about identity-based topics, please see our Resources page. The SFU Library also has many books, resources and research papers in their collection and would be happy to help you find materials to support your learning. 

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