Help and support

SFU offers a wide variety of help and support for students, faculty and staff that considers the diversity and multiple identit(ies) of our community’s backgrounds and lived experiences. We recognize the correlation between past/historical violence and trauma on present psychological health, safety and wellbeing and work to continually learn and embed practices that safeguard against further re-traumatization and/or violence. For the university and our support teams, we aim to provide a heterogenous approach to assisting members of our community and work to create the conditions that allow members of our community to feel cared for and confident that they are supported by SFU.

If you or someone you know are in need assistance or support, you may visit one of our networks below.

Community supports

A wide breadth of support and resources for students, faculty and staff around bullying, discrimination, sexual violence, mental health and more.

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Identity-based supports

Supports and resources for people dealing with identity-based challenges around race, gender, gender expression & sexual orientation, disability, neurodivergence, and religion and spirituality.

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International events and crises supports

Resources for members of our community who are distressed or find their studies or work impacted by world events and crises.

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Mental health and well-being supports

Well-being specific supports and resources to guide mental health for faculty and staff.

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