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Calls for Change and Action: Faculty of Education Researchers Present Educational Possibilities at the 2024 AERA Annual Conference

April 11, 2024

Researchers from the Faculty of Education, including faculty, graduate students, and postdocs, will present a total of 20 sessions at the AERA annual conference from April 11 to April 15, 2024. The presentations include four papers, five symposium presentations, eight roundtables, three posters, and two business meetings in response to the conference theme of Dismantling Racial Injustice and Constructing Educational Possibilities: A Call to Action.

Paper Sessions

  • Comparing Refugee Children With Disabilities and Parents’ Values in Learning Through the Arts in Canada
    Susan Barber, Simon Fraser University; Robert L. Williamson, Simon Fraser University
  • Teaching Is Not a Solo Act: Cultivating Community-Engaged Teacher Education
    Amrit Kaur Cojocaru, Simon Fraser University; Pooja Dharamshi, Simon Fraser University
  • Translating Inclusion: A Model to Relationally Frame International Inclusive Education Comparative Research
    Robert L. Williamson, Simon Fraser University; Ali M. Alodat, Qatar University; Aigerim Shilibekova, University of Canada West; Alhanof Aldabaibeh, Yarmouk University; Aigul Sultangubiyeva, Atyrau University; Baris Cetin, Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University
  • What Do Postsecondary Students Think About ChatGPT? An Exploratory Study
    Quincy Q. Wang, Simon Fraser University; Daniel Chang, Simon Fraser University; Shiva Hajian, Kwantlen Polytechnic University; Michael Pin-Chuan Lin, Mount Saint Vincent University


  • Building Relationships and Decolonizing Possibilities Through Education Change Networks
    Leyton Schnellert, University of British Columbia; Bonny Lynn Donovan, University of British Columbia; Sara Florence Davidson, Simon Fraser University
  • Dancing Conversations: Reclaiming the Body Through Site
    Celeste Snowber, Simon Fraser University; Carolina Bergonzoni, Simon Fraser University
  • Fostering Inclusive Classrooms Through Cultural Historical Research: Two Contrasting Approaches
    Inna Stepaniuk, Simon Fraser University; Beth Ferholt, Brooklyn College
  • From Isolation to Belonging: How Refugee Children With Disabilities Can Thrive in “Artful” Canadian Schools
    Susan Barber, Simon Fraser University
  • Refugee Students With Disabilities in the K–12 Educational System in British Columbia: An Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis   
    Inna Stepaniuk, Simon Fraser University

Roundtable Sessions

  • Across Intersectional Identities and Backgrounds: Studying Two Student Teachers’ Experience and Developing Practices as Culturally Responsive Educators
    Pooja Dharamshi, Simon Fraser University; Amrit Kaur Cojocaru, Simon Fraser University
  • Exploring the Relational and Critical Possibilities of Sensorial Snapshots in Education and Research
    Sandeep Kaur Glover, Simon Fraser University
  • Flows of Thoughts and Continuing Correspondences in Decolonization: A Social Semiotic Perspective
    Qinghua Chen, Simon Fraser University; Heather Wisla, Thompson Rivers University; Angel Mei Yi Lin, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Historical Body, Multimodality, Migrant Worker’s Language Learning, Accent, and Their Psychological Well-Being,
    Shaila Shams, Simon Fraser University
  • Learner Conceptions of Biological Processes in a Content-and-Language-Integrated Learning Context: A Social Semiotic Approach
    Megan Barker, Simon Fraser University; Chunhong Liu, Simon Fraser University; Qinghua Chen, Simon Fraser University; Maurice M.W. Cheng, University of Waikato; Oloyede Solomon Oyelekan, Simon Fraser University; Angel Mei Yi Lin, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Navigating Identity: The Unexplored Narrative of a White “Nonnative” Teacher of English as an Additional Language in Canada
    Olessya Akimenko, Simon Fraser University
  • Problematizing Modern Instrumental Mindfulness
    Muga Miyakawa, Simon Fraser University
  • What Is Within Writing Center Tutoring Discourse?
    Daniel Chang, Simon Fraser University; Qinghua Chen, Simon Fraser University

Poster Sessions

  • Appraising Design and Reporting Elements of Design-Based Research in Education
    Addisu Leyew Bailie, University of the Fraser Valley; Engida Hailye Gebre, Simon Fraser University; Emmeline Hoogland, Simon Fraser University
  • Preservice Teachers’ Learning and Development in a Community-Engaged Teacher Education Program
    Pooja Dharamshi, Simon Fraser University
  • Science Museums and Societal Collapse: A Call for Action Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Ana Maria Navas Iannini, Simon Fraser University; Erminia G. Pedretti, OISE/University of Toronto

Business meeting

  • Arts and Inquiry in the Visual and Performing Arts: Business Meeting and Dissertation Award Presentation
    Carolina Bergonzoni, Simon Fraser University
  • Arts and Learning SIG Business Meeting and Reception
    Susan Barber, Simon Fraser University