Awarded Research Grants in 2023

External Awards

Collaborative Argument Visualization in Post-secondary Education

This research tackles the challenge of effectively integrating technology in learning by synthesizing existing literature on argument visualization and instrumentalizing a web-based argument mapping learning technology (a cognitive tool) called Dialectical Map (the Dmap) to lead towards an operational and conceptual definition of collaboration in the argument mapping context and thus corresponding improvements to the D-map.

Dr. Daniel Chang (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Liu Qing (Co-Investigator)
Dr. John Nesbit (Co-Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Insight Development Grant

Towards mindfulness and activism in science museums: Responses and lessons learned amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

This study explores how science museums develop collective mindfulness and enact activism by (1) examining, through staff perspectives, how the Covid-19 pandemic impacts/ed the operational strategies, internal priorities, and values of science museums; (2) exploring goals and expectations related to science museums’ educational programs, exhibitions, and visitor engagement initiatives with the topic of Covid-19; and (3) mapping how features of fourth generation science museums play out in institutions that engage/ed in work about Covid-19.

Dr. Ana Maria Navas Iannini (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Insight Development Grant

Cultivating Imagination in Educational Leadership for Social and Ecological Justice

Through a podcast series, a blog series, and a roundtable discussion, this knowledge mobilization project reaches out to emerging and established leadership researchers and leadership practitioners to amplify their practical and collaborative enactments of leadership that cultivate imagination and open up new possibilities for just education.

Dr. Gillian Judson (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Connection Grant

Re-Storying Community: Arts-Based Digital Storytelling for Community Inquiry

This research seeks to explore the role of community as a space of knowledge production and how youth help create this space as an integral part of global post-pandemic recovery.  

Dr. Ching-Chiu Lin  (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Kristiina Kumpulainen (Co-Investigator*)
Dr. Cher Hill (Co-Investigator)
Dr. Suzanne Smythe (Collaborator)

Funding Agency: The Tri-agency Institutional Programs Secretariat (TIPS)
Program: New Frontiers in Research Fund – Special Call: Research for postpandemic recovery

IET Recertification as a Site for Overlapping Discourses of Migration and Diversification

This project explores the entanglement of migration policies, job market needs, and educational discourses through the recertification process of Internationally Educated Teachers (IETs) through a multiple case study across the Canadian, German, and Icelandic contexts and a comparative analysis of policies, documentations, and interviews.

Dr. Lilach Marom (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Insight Development Grant

B.C. First Nation Women's Research Jurisdiction & Governance Summit

This funding supported the organization of a 2-day Summit at SFU’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Spring 2023 to (1) mobilize the range of knowledges, connections, and experiences of distinguished and emerging B.C. First Nations women leaders from diverse communities, sectors and transdisciplinary expertise; (2) to strengthen and expand matriarchal leadership, teaching and decision-making responsibilities that are integral to bringing balance to support BC First Nations self-governance, and (3) to develop a precedent-setting research informed matriarchal collective strategy to support research infrastructure and attain jurisdiction for BC First Nations.

Dr. Amy Parent (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Connection Grant

Advancing Intersectional Racial Justice in Schools: Collaboration and Action Across Key Stakeholder Groups

Through a partnership between the Cassidy Centre for Educational Justice (CCEJ) at SFU and the Youth Alliance for Intersectional Justice (YAIJ), this project will audit a pilot youth racial justice program to assess the feasibility of expanding within other schools and designing systems of accountability and action across four stakeholder groups: youth, teachers, non-profit community advocates, and university-based education researchers.

Dr. Özlem Sensoy  (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: Law Foundation of BC
Program: Racial Justice Grant

Internal Awards

Transdisciplinary Pathways in Higher Education Research and Education

This funding supports the gathering of an interdisciplinary team of European and Canadian scholars to collaborate on transdisciplinary science and arts education research and, ultimately, establish formal collaborative agreements between the Faculty of Education at SFU, the University of RWTH Aachen (Germany), and Lancaster University’s Centre for Social Futures (UK).

Dr. Cary Campbell (Principal Investigator)
Dr. Michael Ling (Co-Investigator)

Agency: Faculty of Education, SFU
Program: International Research in Education (FIRE)

Exploring the Effects of Argument Mapping on Post-Secondary Students' Reasoning Ability: A Meta-analysis

This funding supports a meta-analysis of past and current research on argument mapping tools to examine their effectiveness in promoting reasoning skills in post-secondary education.

Dr. Daniel Chang (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant 

Examining Students’ Data Science Learning and Performance in DaTu 

This funding supports collection and analysis of students' learning-process data to assess and scaffold how they learn to solve data-based science problems using DaTu, a computer-based learning system.

Dr. Tenzin Doleck (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant 

Beyond the Equity Scan: Catalyzing the Resurgence of Local Indigenous Knowledges, Pre-colonial Pedagogies, and Inclusive Practices within Schools

This project brings together Elders and educators from q̓íc̓əy̓ (Katzie) First Nation, teachers from Surrey School District, and teacher-educators from SFU, to work collaboratively on an urgent problem - the prevalence of racism, social-bias, and inequities within our schools.

Dr. Cher Hill (Principal Investigator)

Agency: SFU
Program: Community Engagement Initiative (CEI)

BC Science Museums and COVID-19: Institutional Awareness, Responses, and Lessons Learned

This funding supports an initial pilot study of the Royal BC Museum to understand how they developed collective mindfulness and enacted activism around the COVID-19 pandemic as a socioscientific issue.

Dr. Ana Maria Navas Iannini (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant

Indigenous Sovereignty in Curriculum

This project brings together community-based educational leaders from the Misipawistik, Pimickikamak, Tataskweyak, O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi and Opipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nations in Northern Manitoba, Misipawistik Elders, university-based researchers, and a Cree Language Keeper to develop a research partnership in support of culture and language reclamation in local elementary schools/daycares that serve the communities.

Dr. Jeannie Kerr (Principal Investigator)

Agency: SFU
Program: Community Engagement Initiative (CEI)

Contradicting Trajectories of Migration and Education: The Case of Punjabi International Students

This pilot project examines how migration policies, the internationalization of higher education, and the neoliberalization of the job market impact the mobility and education of Punjabi students in the Canadian postsecondary context.

Dr. Lilach Marom (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant 

Teaching Science in a Historical Context and Investigating Students' Identities: A Case Study in an Elementary School

This project investigates how student identities can be mobilized in and interplay with Nature-of-Science themes in science education classrooms, focusing on a pilot study in a grade 8 class in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dr. Cristiano B. Moura (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant

Sharing our Wisdom, Strength, and Love to Collectively Visualize BC First Nation Research Sovereignty and Jurisdiction in Research

This funding supports the development of a visual treasure box containing a film series on the First Nations Women’s Research Jurisdiction and Governance Summit in Spring 2023 and follow-up conversations with distinguished BC First Nations Women leaders from diverse sectors.

Dr. Amy Parent (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant 

Reclaiming Ancestral Teachings Through an Indigenous Community-University Research Partnership

Building on previous community-based research on urban Indigenous leadership development in Surrey, this funding will centre the Indigenous community-based researchers’ experiences, enabling us to articulate and share the learnings that emerged through the co-research process.

Dr. Michelle Pidgeon (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant

* Please note we only list co-investigators and collaborators affiliated with the Faculty of Education at SFU.