Awarded Research Grants in 2022

External Awards

Canadian and International Education

This award aids the publication of Canadian and International Education.

Kumari Beck (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Aid to Scholarly Journals

Intelligent Solutions for Sound Sensitivity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Many children on the autism spectrum are hypersensitive to certain sounds. With support from KBHN, this research is developing an AI-based device that will selectively filter out whatever specific noises the user does not want to hear.

Elina Birmingham (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: Kids Brain Health Network
Program: Implementation Readiness Fund

International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership

This award aids the publication of the International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership.

Dan Laitsch (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Aid to Scholarly Journals

Revitalizing Kinship Connections through an Indigenous Urban Leadership Program

This research partnership aims to explore how kinship reconnections occur at the individual and community levels through a grassroots leadership program for urban Indigenous women.

Michelle Pidgeon (Principal Investigator)
Rebecca Cox (Co-Investigator*)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Partnership Development Grants

Understanding and Assessing Learning in Computing and Maker Classrooms: Participatory Design Research

This research aims to advance our understanding of student learning and its assessment in computing and maker education classrooms in public school settings through participatory design research.

Yumiko Murai  (Principal Investigator)
Kristiina Kumpulainen (Co-Investigator)

Funding Agency: SSHRC
Program: Insight Development Grants

Infusing Climate Education into the BC Curriculum

This three-year action research project updates the BC Ministry of Education framework document, Environmental Learning and Experience: An Interdisciplinary Guide for Teachers. It assists teachers of all subjects and grades to integrate climate education into teaching and learning. 

David Zandvliet (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions & BC Ministry of Education

Northern Rural and Remote Teacher Recruitment and Retention Project: Evaluation Framework


Masahiro Minami (Principal Investigator)

Funding Agency: Ministry of Education and Child Care (ECC)

Internal Awards

Inclusive Education in Canada: A Critical Analysis of Current State and Trajectories for Future Policy and Research 

This project investigates the status of inclusive education implementation in K–12 public schools in Canada and the discursive nature of research and policies aimed to support reforming Canadian inclusive education.

Inna Stepaniuk (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant 

Exploring Intergenerational Trauma, Armenian Identity and Culture through a Poetic and Performative Lens

This research-creation study aims to explore and represent Armenian identity through embodied and poetic ways of inquiry.

Celeste Snowber (Principal Investigator)

Program: SSHRC Small Research Grant

Possibilities of Students as Partners: Investigating Community-Based Learning and Peer-to-Peer Networking in a Creator Space

This research project investigates peer-to-peer interactions at different levels of study (undergraduate, Master and PhD in Arts Education) using a Creator Space and explores the concept of students as partners in faculty research.

Lynn Fels (Principal Investigator)

Program: Teaching and Learning Development Grant 

Latin American Nikkei Japanese in Japanese Society: Languages, Migration, Otherness, and Plurilingual Pedagogy

The project aims to uncover the complexities that Nikkei Japanese face in Japan and to promote plurilingual/pluricultural educational strategies, from K–12 through to higher/adult education, that benefit all minority groups in Japanese education and elsewhere.

Steve Marshall (Principal Investigator)

Agency: Faculty of Education, SFU
Program: International Research in Education (FIRE)

Teacher Recertification as a Site for Overlapping Discourses of Migration and Diversification: A Comparative Analysis

This project conducts a comparative analysis of Iceland, Germany, and British Columbia to understand their distinct contexts and approaches to teacher education and recertification policies as well as curriculum in an era of migration and internationalisation.

Lilach Marom (Principal Investigator)

Agency: Faculty of Education, SFU
Program: International Research in Education (FIRE)

Instructors’ Views and Ways of Integrating International Perspectives in University Teaching

This project aims to raise awareness about the importance of international dimensions in teaching and learning in Ethiopian universities by interviewing faculty members and conducting a focus group with instructors at Bahir Dar University.

Engida Gebre (Principal Investigator)

Agency: Faculty of Education, SFU
Program: International Research in Education (FIRE)

Empower a Public University for Teaching/Learning Literacy and Numeracy in Haiti

The goal of this project is to establish a technology platform to allow an SFU-Haiti working group to collaborate online and develop an academic program in numeracy and literacy to be offered at the Faculty of Education at Southeast Public University of Jacmel, Haiti.

Magally Constant (Principal Investigator)

Agency: Faculty of Education, SFU
Program: Funds for International Research in Education (FIRE)

Faculty Development in Environmental Learning (Indonesia)

This project aims to develop a faculty development program in inquiry-based environmental education to enhance the future offerings of the Faculty of Education international field school program in Indonesia for pre-service and in-service teachers.

David Zandvliet (Principal Investigator)

Agency: Faculty of Education, SFU
Program: Funds for International Research in Education (FIRE)

First Steps for a Healthy Climate: Exploring Grassroots/Parent-Led Community Resiliency, Civic Empowerment and Location-Based Education for Climate Change

In response to calls for climate change curriculum, this community action research seeks to determine the best practices for supporting parents in facing challenges including community building, civic empowerment, adaptation, lifestyle changes, eco-parenting and resource development.

Lynn Fels (Academic Supervisor)
Intern: Laurel Hart

Funding Agency: MITACS
Program: Accelerate
Partner Organizations: City of Vancouver and Five Family Place Partnership

* Please note we only list co-investigators and collaborators affiliated with the Faculty of Education at SFU.