Student Research

  • Dr. Jing Li on Transformative Pedagogy: Public Places as Educational Sites and Community Building
    Dr. Jing Li recently completed her PhD from the Faculty of Education from SFU. Her research interests include sociolinguistics, critical pedagogies, critical multiliteracies in (non)formal educative contexts, and community research in art, culture, and education. She shared her doctoral journey, her research interests and the projects she is currently involved in.
  • Dr. Poh Tan on How Different Epistemologies Have Converged in Her Research and Why It Is Important
    With a PhD in Experimental Medicine, Dr. Tan is completing her second PhD in Educational Theory and Practice at SFU. Her research focuses on the development of scientific literacy through Indigenous Hawaiian epistemology. She was editor-in-chief of SFU Educational Review Journal, and is the inaugural recipient of the Dean of Education Kris Magnusson’s Emerging Leaders Graduate Award for leadership and advocacy for positive change in education. In this interview, Dr. Tan shares valuable insights with us about her research, and experiences in academia.
  • Jacqueline Barreiro on Storytelling, Pedagogy, and Post Humanism
    Jacqueline Barreiro, doctoral candidate in SFU’s Curriculum Theory and Implementation program, Sessional Instructor for the Faculty of Education, and Associate Editor of SFU’s graduate-run Educational Review Journal. Her doctoral inquiry focuses specifically on the educational implications of posthumanist theories as pedagogical tools of critique. Informing her scholarship is over twenty years of experience as teacher and principal in the K-12 system and at the University level in the United States, Ecuador, and Canada. Jacqueline was particularly transformed by her experience working as a teacher, and then principal, at a school in the rural Ecuadorian Andes. The culmination of Jacqueline’s experiences orients her towards engaging in research and pedagogical practices that improve conditions for students.
  • Bronwen McCann on Collaborative Program Evaluation and Community-Engagement
    Bronwen McCann is a Master’s student in the Arts Education program. She is passionate about early childhood education, particularly curriculum development that bridges the divide between arts and outdoor education.
  • Jovita Vytasek on Writing Analytics Software
    Jovita Vytasek is a doctoral student in the Faculty of Education and works in the Educational Psychology Laboratory. She presents us with a new topic modelling software application designed to help writers with revision.
  • Dominic Trevisan, PhD student, Co-authors Most Read Education Research Article in 2017
    After completing his master’s here at SFU, Dominic decided to pursue his PhD in Educational Psychology. “I wanted to study in a heavily research-focused program, but with opportunities to conduct practical research in educational and other applied settings.”
  • Current PhD Student Dr. Poh Tan Focuses Her Research on Developing Scientific Literacy in Young Children
    Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Poh Tan did not have an easy childhood. Domestic violence was a reality in her family. Yet, with a strong passion for science, she was determined to overcome her home problems and through perseverance and motivation she became a stem cell specialist.
  • Annette Rouleau's Inspirational PhD Journey
    Ms. Annette Rouleau started her PhD in Mathematics Education in September 2014. She admits having conflicted feelings when Prof. Peter Liljedahl first asked her to be his PhD student. However, she has since met the challenge head-on.