September, 2023

Exploring Funded Research Projects

Exploring an interactive map to showcase and honor FoE faculty members’ SSHRC-funded projects since 2016. The map offers a panoramic view of FoE research undertakings in BC, Canada, the US, and globally. Through this visual presenting method, we can track past relations, see existing relations better, and unfold research potential, fostering a culture of inclusion and demonstrating the strength of knowledge co-creation in academia.

New Insights into Research: Visualizing Faculty Collaboration

We use data visualization as a method to understand and highlight relations among individual faculty members across and within their various forms of practice, such as research, teaching, and service. It offers us not only a new way to increase external visibility and recognition of scholarly work and faculty service to the community, but a means to discover and explore cross-faculty areas of research collaboration.

Spotlight Series

Join us as we honour the legacy of Dr. Phil Winne, a distinguished scholar in education psychology, and celebrate Dr. Jeff Sugarman's remarkable contributions to theoretical and philosophical psychology. Also, learn the transformative research projects of Dr. Ching-Chiu Lin as she turns theory into action through visionary approaches to community arts education. Dive into Dr. Robert Williamson's research, shedding light on the experiences of refugee children in the landscape of inclusive education.

Recently Awarded Grants

Congratulations to New Frontiers in Research Fund – Special Call: Research for Post-Pandemic Recovery, recipient Dr. Ching-Chiu Lin; SFU/SSHRC Institutional Grants recipients Dr. Daniel Chang, Dr. Tenzin Doleck, Dr. Ana Maria Navas Iannini, Dr. Lilach Marom, Dr. Cristiano B. Moura, Dr. Michelle Pidgeon, and Dr. Amy Parent; and Education FIRE internal award recipient Dr. Cary Campbell.


Episode 19: Fostering Civic Reasoning Through Journalism Education: Conceptual Change and Moral Resistance

Dr. Robyn Ilten-Gee discussed the role of journalism education in cultivating civic reasoning, highlighting the importance of attending to identity and moral development, and fostering conceptual change in youth.

Episode 20: Dancing-Reading-Writing: An Embodied Arts-Based Research Practice

Dr. Carolina Bergonzoni talked about the synergy of dance, reading, and writing (DRW), emphasizing embodied experiences and creativity to transcends traditional research approaches.

Video Series

For Diverse Communities to Thrive, We Need Intersectional Policies and Practices

Walking the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) path can be challenging, but Dr. Inna Stepaniuk's video presentation explores how to accomplish this by creating space for these individuals and critiquing hidden racism and ableism of ingrained policies, universities can foster a diverse and understanding campus environment.