Reckonings and Re-imaginings: Faculty of Education Researchers Present at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) Annual Conference

May 26, 2023

Forty-two Faculty of Education faculty, graduate students, and postdocs are presenting at the 51st Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE). This annual conference takes place in person (with some virtual elements available) at York University from May 27 to June 1, 2023. Dr. Sara Davidson and Dr. Jeannie Kerr serve on the Program Committee, together with colleagues from institutions across Canada.

The FoE researchers are participating in 19 paper presentations, 12 symposium panels, two roundtables, and two special events. Their scholarly work involves profound interdisciplinary engagement, incorporating both scholarly and artistic approaches. By presenting at the CSSE conference, they contribute to reimagining and transforming our world for the better.

[The listing follows the order of the sessions]

MAY 28, 2023

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Artistic Practice

Making sense during the pandemic: Rethinking seniors’ artistic practice

  • Ching-Chiu Lin (Simon Fraser), Quincy Wang (Simon Fraser)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Decolonizing Professional Learning

  • Leyton Schnellert (UBC), Sara Davidson (Simon Fraser), Nikki Yee (Fraser Valley), Whitnee Garrett-Walker (OISE - Toronto), Lisa Howell (Ottawa), Nicholas Ng-A-Fook (Ottawa), Dorothy Vaandering (Memorial), Sylvia Moore (Memorial), Joelle Rodway (Memorial)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Exploring the Field of Citizenship Education

Student Activism, Climate Change, and an Eco-Justice Curriculum: The Study of Recent Court Challenges in the Canadian Classroom

  • Brenda Davis (Simon Fraser)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Philosophy, Therapy, and Education: Epistemic and Ethics Debates

  • Heesoon Bai (Simon Fraser), Steven Zhao (Simon Fraser), Denise Findlay (Simon Fraser), Heather Williams (Simon Fraser), Renata Cueto de Souza (Simon Fraser), Jesse Haber (Simon Fraser), David Chang (Simon Fraser)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Reimagining science and education in the Anthropocene

  • Jesse Bazzul (Regina), Xia Ji (Regina), Jessie Beier (Concordia), Cristiano Moura (Simon Fraser), Brittany Tomin (Regina), Priyanka Dutt (Lethbridge), Michelle Gabereau (Alberta), Anastasia Fateyeva (Alberta), Marc Higgins (Alberta)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Research Methods

Using data visualisation to provoke thought about faculty collaborations

  • Nathalie Sinclair (Simon Fraser), Quincy Wang (Simon Fraser)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Is re-imagining possible?: Internationalization in pandemic times

  • Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), Roumiana Ilieva (Simon Fraser), Juliana Ferreira (Simon Fraser), Carol Suhr (Simon Fraser), Neha Arora (Simon Fraser)


Special Event

Special Session: Getting Published in the Canadian Journal of Education: Meet the Anglophone Co-Editors!

  • Jeannie Kerr (Simon Fraser, CJE), Ee-Seul Yoon (Manitoba, CJE)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

The Art of Inquiry as a Praxis for Creating a Radical Re-imagining of our Collective Futures: A Métissage

  • Vicki Kelly (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Equity, diversity, and institutions

Contemplative Practices and Anti-Oppression Pedagogy

  • Leslie Shayer (UBC Okanagan), Karen Ragoonaden (UBC), Heeson Bai (Simon Fraser), Heather Williams (Simon Fraser), Renata Cueto de Souza (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Decolonizing and Reconciliation Education

Wayfinding Reconciliation Through Place-based Education: A Northern Narrative

  • Brenda Davis (Simon Fraser), Sage Davis (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Intersectional Feminist Critical Pedagogies in Virtual, post-secondary and transnational spaces

Transformative experiential learning and feminist pedagogy: Remembrances of generative tensions

  • Kathleen (Kaye) Hare (Canada West), Amber Moore (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Refugees, Immigrants and Settlement

Does gender matter? Integration struggles of newcomers in Canada

  • Fatima Jalali-Tehrani (Simon Fraser)

May 29, 2023

Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Learning Science from a Circuit Simulation: Within-Inquiry Guidance and Individual Differences

  • John Nesbit (Simon Fraser), Phil Winne (Simon Fraser), Mari Fukuda (Simon Fraser), Shiva Hajian (Simon Fraser), Arita Liu (Simon Fraser), Quincy Wang (Simon Fraser), Misha Jain (Simon Fraser)


Roundtables / Tables rondes

Research Approaches

  • Le Français en Colombie-Britannique? C’est Nous!: Identity, Group Belonging and Accent as Understood by BC French Immersion Students
    Livia Poljak (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Repatriation and Resilience

Two Stories of Re-Righting/Re-Writing History: The Repatriation of the Ni’isjoohl Memorial Pole & Raising of Nisga’a Carving Knowledge in the Village of Laxgalt’sap

  • Amy Parent (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Philosophical Inquiry

The Challenges of Implementing Contemplative Inquiry In Post-Secondary Educational Curricula and Pedagogy

  • Heather Williams (Simon Fraser), Charles Scott (Simon Fraser), Allen Yee (Simon Fraser), Scott Bowering (Simon Fraser), Renata Cueto de Souza (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Factors Outside the School Impacting School Experience

Student Mobility and Opportunity Gaps: Addressing Academic Achievement through Community and Policy

  • Jeannie Kerr (Simon Fraser), Ee-Seul Yoon (Manitoba)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Critical and Transformative Pedagogy for Leadership, Citizenship and Social Justice in in Higher Education

  • Lilach Marom (Simon Fraser), Kimberley White (York), Kathy Sanford (Victoria), Bruno De Oliveira Jayme (Manitoba), Teresa Cappiali (Raoul Wallenberg Institute)



Nonhuman Animals and Philosophy of Education

Nonhuman Animals as Moral Subjects: Implications for Moral Education

  • Ann Chinnery (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Creative Pedagogies, Criticality, Social Inclusion: Expanding the Institutional Roles of Science Museums?

Augmented Reality: A media-educology for museum education

  • Quincy Wang (Simon Fraser), Kristiina Kumpulainen (Simon Fraser)


I Just Wanted To See... How Other People Deal With It: Visitors’Experiences at A Mental Health Exhibition

  • Ana Maria Navas Iannini (Simon Fraser), Erminia Pedretti (OISE - Toronto)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Commitments to equity and inclusion in diverse Canadian educational sectors: Critical, comparative examinations of K-12 school and postsecondary contexts.

  • Steve Sider (Laurier), Kumari Beck (Simon Fraser), Ardavan Eizadirad (Laurier), Jhonel Morvan (Brock)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Salsa Rhythms and Kinaesthetic Connection: Motion-Sensing Pathways to InterActive Flow

  • Rebecca Lloyd (Ottawa), Stephen Smith (Simon Fraser)

May 30, 2023

Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Environmental Education

It’s not a positive story, we’ve got to change this label!: Representations of biodiversity in science museums

  • Ana Maria Navas Iannini (Simon Fraser), Martha Marandino (Sao Paulo), Erminia Pedretti (OISE - Toronto)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Silence and rage in language and literacy education

Whirlpooling feminist rage in YA sexual assault stories: Examining gang rape-revenge in Foul is Fair and The Nowhere Girls

  • Amber Moore (Simon Fraser)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Well-Being and Well-Becoming in Schools: Conceptualizing, Contextualizing, Curricularizing

  • Thomas Falkenberg (Manitoba), Frank Deer (Manitoba), Lesley Eblie Trudel (Winnipeg), Cameron Hauseman (Manitoba), Jeannie Kerr (Simon Fraser), Heather Krepski (Winnipeg), Michael Link (Winnipeg), Jennifer Watt (Manitoba)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Unsettling Care Ethics and Care-Writing for Threaded and Twisted Times

Care Ethics and Care-Writing for Threaded and Twisted Times

  • Claudia Eppert (Alberta), Alex Olsvik (Alberta), Robert Piazza (Alberta), Christie Schultz (Regina), Melaina Weiss (Alberta), Ann Chinnery (Simon Fraser)


Symposium-Panel / Colloque-panel

Embodied Reflexivity through the Arts

Chair/Prés.: Ellyn Lyle (Yorkville), Jee-Yeon Ryu (Yorkville), Celeste Snowber (Simon Fraser)

In Motion. An Adaptation of Enriched and Inclusive Audio Description Practices

  • Carolina Bergonzoni (Simon Fraser)

Fleshing Out the Embodied Potentialities of Positionality

  • Sandeep Kaur Glover (Simon Fraser)

Water Stories

  • Celeste Nazeli Snowber (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Comparative/Global Education

Putting Plagiarism under Scrutiny: International Students and Barriers in Canadian Higher Education

  • Lilach Marom (Simon Fraser)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Inquiry Learning

What Types of Feedback Lead to Correction of Scientific Misconceptions in Inquiry Learning Environments?

  • Shiva Hajian (Simon Fraser), John Nesbit (Simon Fraser)


Roundtables / Tables rondes

Collaborative Indigenous OERs: Promises and Tensions via Two Cases

  • Lilach Marom (Simon Fraser), Rachel Chong (KPU)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Opportunities and Challenges in Today’s Schools and Classrooms

Slow work of time: Challenges and next steps to implementing maker pedagogy into K-12 classrooms

  • Yumiko Murai (Simon Fraser), Elizabeth Childs (Royal Roads), Susan Crichton (UBC)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Creating Space for Reimagination

Reimaging gender roles in the immigrant context

  • Fatima Jalali-Tehrani (Simon Fraser)


Special Event / Événement spécial

Information Session: Pilot Publishing Program for Graduate Students in Sociology of Education

  • Christine Corso (Toronto), Mohammad Fateh (Queen’s), Maria Brisbane(Waterloo), Jeannie Kerr (Simon Fraser), Ee-Seul Yoon (Manitoba)


Multi-paper / Plusieurs communications

Reconceptualizing the white, monolingual gaze

Migrant communities, inter-group dynamics, and ‘white gaze: Stories of Bangladeshi Muslim migrants in Vancouver.

  • Shaila Shams (Simon Fraser)