Self-regulated Learning, Learning Analytics, Educational Psychology

Learning analytics for self-regulated learning: Frameworks, methods & future work – A Webinar by Dr. Phil Winne

October 26, 2020

Dr. Phil Winne conducted a webinar titled, Learning analytics for self-regulated learning: Frameworks, methods & future work, on 30 September 2020 organized by the Division 15-Educational Psychology, American Psychological Association.

This webinar sketches a fusion of learning science with learning analytics using a model of self-regulated learning (SRL) as glue. Seven challenging questions are explored: 

  1. What are learning analytics and what they are for? 
  2. Why is traditional experimental research inadequate to guide SRL? 
  3. What key facets are needed to model SRL? 
  4. What are ambient trace data and how can trace data reflect SRL? 
  5. What methods for analyzing trace data set a stage for learning analytics about SRL? 
  6. What does a learning ecology look like in which learning and learning science thrive in symbiosis? 
  7. What are some targets needing attention in future research?