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Writing and Research: Let the Research Hub Be Part of Your Graduate Journey

October 10, 2019

By Poh Tan

Whether you are pursuing a doctorate or masters, the graduate journey is a rewarding experience. Graduate work opens up new doors into different ways of learning, new windows on research and more importantly, is a time to pursue our interests with depth, guidance and scholarship. Somewhere along this journey, we may feel frustration, isolation and exhaustion from all of the reading, writing and more writing required from us. I know, I've been there, because I am on this journey for the second time. I am the newest Research Assistant (RA) in the Research Hub (RH) and I am also a PhD student in curriculum. I am currently pursuing my second doctorate with a focus on understanding scientific literacy. I am also a graduate writing facilitator for SFU library and have helped many students with addressing their struggles with writing and learning at the graduate level. This is why I feel my role at the Research Hub is so important. In the next few months, staff and RAs at the RH are working together to make the space more conducive for graduate student research. RH's first successful event is a monthly writing retreat taking place on the last Wednesday of every month.  

Writing Retreat Wednesdays (WRW) was created to provide a space and resources to graduate students who are in the writing phases of their journey. Writing is not limited to in-class papers and dissertations, but extends towards conference proposals, publications, abstracts, and scholarships. Dedicated time and access to a writing facilitator, resources, and a quiet space influences how much and how far we get in our writing and research. Make WRW a pit-stop in your journey to help boost your motivation to get ahead in your work by working in a dedicated space, with motivated peers and easy access to resources in the Hub. WRWs are held every last Wednesday of the month (except December) at the Hub from 11:00am - 4:00pm.  

Connect further with peers on your journey and drop-in to Tea Thursdays, hosted by the RH to connect, chat and collaborate about research ideas, potential collaborations, writing and finishing together, challenges and highlights of the graduate journey. Tea Thursdays are open to all registered Education graduate students who want to make connections with others to build upon collaborative and collective relationships towards potential research partnerships. Conversations and dialogue can begin as tiny sparks of common interest to roaring flames of research community.  If you feel you're still seeking your research and graduate community in your grad journey, join Tea Thursdays at the Research Hub every second to last Thursday of every month. Each Tea Thursday is hosted by a guest graduate student(s) and occasionally a faculty member. Tea and cookies are provided by the Research Hub. 

Lastly, I am always keen to meet new and current graduate students. Come by the Research Hub and find me at my desk to say hello or to learn more about these events.