Teresa Cheung

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice, School of Engineering Science


Ph.D., Physics, Simon Fraser University, Canada , 2012.

Post-Doctorate, University of Cambridge, UK, 2012-2013

Research interests

  • Development of new MEG imaging and analysis methods
  • Modeling cognitive processes in time, frequency and phase
  • Beamformer methods
  • Phase locking values and spectral connectivity methods
  • Analysis and integration of MEG, MRI, fMRI and DTI data
  • Magnetic nano-imaging using MEG
  • MEG phantom development
  • Advances in MEG instrumentation


ASB 9872
Personal webpage:

Recently taught courses

  • ENSC 461 Medical Technologies in Clinical Neuroscience (co-taught)

Selected recent publications

  • S. Doesburg, C. Chau, T. Cheung, A. Moiseev, U. Ribary, A. Herdman, S. Miller, I. Cepeda, A. Synnes, R. Grunau, "Neonatal pain, development of functional cortical activity and school-age cognitive outcome in children born at extremely low gestational age", Pain, 2013.
  • L.K.Tyler, T.P.L.Cheung, B.Devereux, A.Carke, "Syntactic computations in language network: Characterising dynamic network properties using representational similarity analysis", Frontiers in Psychology, 2013 
  • S. Doesburg, U.Ribary, A.Herdman, A.Moiseev, T.Cheung, S.Miller, K.Poskitt, H.Weinberg, M.Whitfield, A.Synnes, R.Grunau, "Magnetoencephalography reveals slowing of resting peak oscillatory frequency in children born very preterm", Pediatric Research, 2011
  • S. Doesburg, A.Herdman, U.Ribary, T.Cheung, A.Moiseev, H.Weinberg, M.Liotti, D.Weeks, R.Grunau, "Long-range synchronization and local desynchronization of alpha rhythms during visual short-term memory retention in children", Experimental Brain Research, Apr;201 (4):719-27 (2010)
  • M.F.Beg, S.Wong, A.R.Khan, T.Cheung, N.Virji-Babul, A.Herdman, "External Landmark and Head Shaped based Functional Data Normalization", Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, Oct; 33 (7):501-9 (2009).