Using the Body's Smallest Clues to Detect Disease

March 29, 2023

Engineering science professor Michael Adachi was recently featured in SFU's Scholarly Impact of the Week. The initiative showcases scholarly milestones and research impacts from across the SFU research community.

The article highlights how Adachi and his research team at the Nanodevice Fabrication Group are developing an ultrasensitive sensor that can detect diseases such as Alzheimer’s before an individual’s symptoms develop. The sensor signals disease at an early stage by detecting measurable molecular indicators in the body known as cytokine biomarkers. The multidisciplinary project was led by investigators Adachi, physics professor Karen Kavanagh and biomedical physiology and kinesiology professor Miriam Rosin, and graduate students Thushani De Silva and Mirette Fawzy.

The team hopes to use the sensors as a rapid and easy-to-use point-of-care diagnostic tool that can be used in doctor’s offices to help diagnose different diseases.

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