Student Groups

Get out there

Student groups and clubs are a great way for first and second year undergrads in particular to connect with students and colleagues throughout the faculty. It’s the perfect way to round-out your education – while making some lifelong friends along the way.   

Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS)

The ESSS provides plenty of support to get you through your courses and make university fun. This includes end-of-semester socials, trips, weekly events and job fairs. Students are informed of events and meetings through faculty email lists, as well as posters around the campuses. The ESSS also holds FROSH events every year to welcome new Engineering Science students – and you can always catch up with your fellow undergrads in the ESSS common room.

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Engineering Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

The Engineering Graduate Student Association (EGSA) is involved in numerous events and activities that support both the social and academic aspects of graduate student life. The EGSA is composed of graduate students from the School of Engineering Science and School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. All graduate students in these schools are members of the EGSA which exists to represent and promote their interests. Be sure to visit the graduate lounge in ASB 8843, a place for students to feel at home, and stay tuned for an announcement about the graduate lounge at SFU Surrey coming soon! EGSA Events are announced via email so watch for upcoming notices. For more information about the EGSA and how it can support you, visit our website at or send an email to one of our executives.

Women in Engineering Group (WEG)                     

WEG promotes networking and support among women at all levels in Engineering Science with a mentoring program for new students, an informative speaker series and fun events from bowling nights to group hikes.

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

The SFU student branch of the IEEE – one of the largest in Western Canada – is committed to the organization’s goal of advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Dedicated to the development of technical and professional skills among electrical and computer engineering SFU students, this branch organizes networking nights, faculty dinners and field trips for students to make new acquaintances and share their knowledge.

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Simon Fraser University Student Society (SFSS)

We are a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of SFU’s 26,000+ undergraduate students. The SFSS provides the entire undergraduate population with numerous valuable services. We also organize events and provide opportunities for students to get involved through our 50+ faculty and departmental student unions, 300+ clubs, council and 15+ committees (all of which are open to our membership).

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