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With an international reputation for innovation, Engineering Science at SFU offers an intense program that mirrors life at the cutting-edge of high-tech development. Areas of study can include microelectronics, computer engineering, robotics, biomedical engineering, multimedia, systems or telecommunications.

Students wishing to join us after completing a previous degree, must first gain admission to SFU as a non-degree student. Once admitted, students with a previous degree in mathematics, physics, computing science, or a related discipline may apply directly to the School of Engineering Science by completing the online Second Degree Admissions Form.

We generally do not accept students who already have undergraduate degrees in electrical and computer engineering.

Students who have a previous degree in a non-related discipline will need to take courses or equivalents from the list below prior to being considered for admission to Engineering Science.  These applicants must have completed the previous degree with a CGPA of at least 2.5, and with fewer than 6 repeated courses.  Applicants are selected for admission on the basis of an engineering-related grade point average (ERGPA).  The ERGPA is calculated over all courses from the following list, where a minimum of 3 courses is required.

  • at least one mathematics course chosen from MATH 151 (or MATH 150), MATH 152, MATH 232 (or MATH 240), MATH 251, MACM 101, MACM 201
  • at least one computing course chosen from CMPT 128 or CMPT 135 or (CMPT 125 + 127), CMPT 225, CMPT 275
  • at least one physics course chosen from PHYS 120 (or PHYS 140), PHYS 121 (or PHYS 141), PHYS 221, PHYS 321, PHYS 365

All courses must be completed prior to application. If a course is a duplicate of any previous course completed at SFU or elsewhere, only the last attempt will be included in the average.  For complete information, contact an Applied Sciences Advisor.  Upon completion of these courses, students must have an ERGPA of at least 2.5. Admission is competitive and the admission average is established on a per term basis, depending on the number of spaces available.  Once meeting these requirements, students apply online using the Second Degree Admissions Form.

Questions regarding second degree admissions may be directed to the Faculty of Applied Sciences Advisors at

As per university policies and regulations, course credits earned for the previous degree cannot be transferred to the second degree program.

To join us and make the first move to an exciting and rewarding career, follow these steps:

Step 1

Check entry requirements

Initial requirements are listed above, but you must contact an academic advisor for more detailed admission information. You must also meet SFU’s general admission requirements.

Check SFU’s general admission requirements >

Step 2

Talk to an advisor

An essential part of your transfer application process is to contact an advisor.

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Step 3

Apply Online

Review the application timeline here. Prospective second degree students must apply to SFU online and be offered admission as a non-degree student.

Apply online >

Step 4

Stay in touch

Once admitted to SFU, students apply directly to the School of Engineering Science by completing the form at

Check your deadlines

Student Services processes all applications for entry to SFU. Offers begin early in the new year – but most are sent in April and May.

For the latest admission deadlines – the key steps needed to complete you application – please refer to the Student Services website.


Engineering Science is based at SFU’s Burnaby campus. You are strongly advised to take a tour before staring your studies.

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Tuition & Scholarships

Please ensure you understand all the required information on tuition fees – as well as available awards and scholarships.

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