First Nations Languages Program (FNLP)


The SFU First Nations Languages Program (FNLP), previously known  as First Nations Community Academic Outreach (NEP/FNEP), was inspired by the award-winning SFU Kamloops Program, which was where the First Nations Studies program and First Nations language courses were originally developed and offered.  Between 1988 and 2010, more than 400 students graduated from the Kamloops program with SFU credentials, including Certificates, BA, BGS and BEd degrees, with Majors and Minors in Anthropology and Sociology, Linguistics, First Nations Studies and Archaeology.

The mission of the Academic Outreach and First Nations Languages Program since its inception has been the collective and individual empowerment of Indigenous peoples through education, taking into account First Nations' own knowledge systems, histories, ways of being and learning. Aware of the powerful role that Indigenous languages and language  revitalization play for the present and future identity, well-being and wholeness of Indigenous peoples and communities, the First Nations Languages Program works with First Nations speech communities and organizations to enable Indigenous language learning off campus in First Nations communities. Since 1993 and in partnership with First Nations organizations, we have offered courses in some 18 languages in British Columbia and Yukon.



For further information or consultation about the following, go to:

  • First Nations Community Academic Outreach and Coordination
  • Program(s):  Certificate in FN Language Proficiency (CFNLP) 
  • First Nations Language Courses


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Coyote Art Work (2009) by David August (Dave) Seymour, Kamloops, BC.


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