Accelerated Master’s

SFU students currently enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program may be eligible to take graduate courses and count them towards their bachelor's and an SFU master's. This typically allows students to complete their credentials 4 to 12 months faster.


Get practice in presenting your research to a wider audience in a friendly and supportive environment.

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Students fulfilling all of the listed requirements may apply for an accelerated master’s program which will provide conditional admission to a research-based master’s program. If accepted, students can take up to 10 units of graduate course work during their current undergraduate program which will count as electives or upper division credits towards a bachelor’s as well as program requirements to a master’s program. The cost for taking the graduate courses will be the basic graduate per unit rate or graduate specialty rate if applicable.

To apply to an accelerated master’s program, you must:

  • have successfully completed at least 90 units of undergraduate course work
  • have minimum CGPA of 3.67


Undergraduate students may be eligible for research funding through our Undergraduate Research Awards.

This funding allows eligible undergraduate students to be part of a major research project, supervised by a university professor.

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Application Process

  1. Contact your graduate program of interest and express interest in the accelerated master’s program. They may discuss eligibility and course selection.
  2. Contact your undergraduate program for approval to take the graduate courses.
  3. Apply to Graduate Admission through the online application for the term after your expected undergraduate graduation. In the application comments section include the course name for the graduate course(s) you will be taking while in your undergraduate program.
  4. If admitted, your admission offer will be contingent on completing your undergraduate program.
  5. To enroll in the graduate courses during your undergraduate program fill out a Graduate Course Add form. Graduate Studies will enroll you and adjust the tuition to the Graduate per unit fee (or specialty fee) for the graduate course.


  • Students are ineligible for graduate scholarships or awards until the bachelor’s degree is complete.
  • Students must complete a minimum of two full-time terms in their graduate program.
  • If a student becomes ineligible to continue in the accelerated master’s, according to the specifications of the program, the Chair of the Graduate Program Committee must inform the student in writing of his/her ineligibility and a copy of this letter must be sent to Graduate Studies.