Teaching + Learning Development Grants

SFU instructors can receive grants of up to $5,000 through the TLDG program. The grants are intended to recognize teaching development as a scholarly activity and to stimulate faculty-led investigation of new or innovative teaching and learning practices at Simon Fraser University. These grants allow faculty members to identify questions about teaching and learning of particular interest to them, to apply the findings of their investigation directly to their teaching and to share their findings with their colleagues.

TLDG projects are funded on a continuous basis, with no specific application deadlines and limited only by the allocated funds for each year. Grants are not awarded on a competitive basis. All faculty who are willing to go through the proposal development process and adhere to guidelines in conducting the project and final reporting, will be given funding. Note that project proposals must be finalized within six months after attending a proposal development workshop.

Eligibility requirements

Anyone holding a continuing or limited term faculty appointment, (i.e., SFUFA membership), at Simon Fraser University is eligible to hold a Teaching and Learning Development Grant (TLDG). Adjunct professors, sessional instructors or SFU staff members may be co-applicants. Proposals may be submitted by one or more faculty members; SFU staff members are encouraged to participate as co-applicants. 

How to apply

Complete the initial form for the appropriate workshop and email it to istld@sfu.ca (be sure to send from an SFU email account).

Workshop dates can be found here >>

Expectations of participants

At the first workshop session, be prepared to:

  • discuss your ideas with other faculty and workshop facilitators;
  • turn ideas into research questions; and
  • start working on a draft your TLDG project proposal.

At the second workshop session, be prepared to:

  • present a draft of your TLDG project proposal;
  • receive and act on feedback intended to further strengthen the proposal; and
  • refine the budget request.

TLDG project proposals must adhere to criteria and guidelines. Once the proposal is finalized, the funding to carry out the project will be provided.

In addition, TLDG recipients are required to:

  • submit project proposals requiring ethics approval to the SFU Office of Research Ethics for approval, if necessary. The ISTLD has worked out a separate process for TLDG projects. More information on TLDG projects & ethics >>;
  • submit a final report upon completion of the project (3-4 page written report); and
  • disseminate the findings of the project locally to interested departmental or faculty colleagues (e.g., presentation to colleagues, brown bag discussion session, content on departmental/faculty website etc.).

Forms, templates, & resources

Proposal Forms, Guidelines and Exemplars

Ethics and consent information - useful when your project is underway

Final & Interim Report Templates