Thesis Defence Calendar


MASc Thesis Defence | Ahmad Abdelsattar

Thursday, March 30th, 2023 | 9am-11am PST | Remote

Thesis: DAn OPC UA Client/gateway-based Architecture of SCADA Systems with Automatic Mental Fatigue Detection Application

MASc Thesis Defence | Haotian Su

Wednesday April 12th, 2023 | 11am-1pm PST | Hybrid (SRYC 3250 & Zoom)

Thesis: Development of a 3D-Printed EMG Wristband

MASc Thesis Defence | Wonchul Lee

Friday, April 14th, 2023 | 10:30am-12:30pm PST | Hybrid (SRYC 3250 & Zoom)

Thesis: Defect-Controlled Rapid 3D Printing System for Flexible Plastic Materials

PhD Thesis Defence | Tae-Ho Kim

Monday, April 24th, 2023 | 12:30pm-3:30pm PST | Hybrid (SRYC 3250 & Zoom)

Thesis: 3D Printed Architecture Sensors