Graduate Student Business Cards

SFU graduate students are able to order business cards through SFU Document Solutions.   The cost is $35 for 100 cards.   Once you submit an online request for Business Cards, Graduate Studies will need to verify your status as a graduate student, and approve your order.   Click here for ordering instructions.

Job Postings - Fall 2018


TA/TM Postings


Fall 2018 TA Postings - Application Deadline: July 9, 2018

TA/TM Application Form

* Access to Canvas Application System opens June 25th

Upload TA Application Package here:

 MSE TA/TM Appointment Priorities


Payroll Registration 

Graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows working as paid Research Assistants under an MSE Faculty Supervisor must register for payroll by completing a number of forms.  The forms, and instructions for completing them, can be found at the link below.  All forms should be completed and returned the MSE Financial Clerk

Payroll Registration Forms

Awards, Fellowships, Scholarships

Please see the Dean of Graduate Studies website for information pertaining to the following: Graduate Fellowship, FAS Graduate Fellowship, Application for Private Scholarship, Etc.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports need to be filled out online annually.   In order to be considered for some awards, this must be filled out prior to your application.

To access your online progress report and for instructions on using the system please see here


PhD Qualifying Exam

PhD candidates must submit a brief written research proposal and defend it orally to his/her supervisory committee within the first 24 months of admission.  

Co-op Experience Prior to Graduation

Mechatronic Systems Engineering Graduate Co-op Program brings answer to those who are interested in gaining industry experience before graduation.  The Co-op Team is ready to assist.  Please contact:  Cristina Eftenaru, FAS Graduate Co-operative Education Coordinator by email at, or by phone at 778.782.2282 to know more about the Co-op Program.